Super Bowl Musings: Bengals Merch Flies Off Shelves and IBM Ad Showcases EDI

By Molly Goad

Before the Cincinnati Bengals won the AFC Championship game on Jan. 30, team merchandise was purchased by fans faster than you can say Who Dey. Jerseys, hoodies, mugs, hats, socks, and items for the dog — fans were emptying the stores of all things Who Dey. 

This t-shirt from was available after the Bengals’ historic win on Jan. 22. The Cincy Shirts Facebook page said its warehouse is getting out as many orders as possible and asked for patience during this time of all-time high demand. Image Source:

After another jaw-dropping playoff win over the favorite Kansas City Chiefs, the Bengals are heading to the Super Bowl, and the devoted are pouncing eagerly back into stores and online again to secure their AFC Champions gear, Super Bowl swag, and more. Seeing as the Bengals haven’t been in the Super Bowl since 1989 — that’s 33 years — the demand is high. 

L.A. Rams fans are doing the same as their team holds the NFC Championship title. (The Rams’ drought isn’t quite as severe, as they made Super Bowl Appearances following the 2018, 2001, 1999, and 1979 seasons.)

Playoff Apparrel: From Conception to the Shelf

Each playoff win brings another chance for a new t-shirt, and drives up interest, such as the shirt above from Cincy Shirts commemorating the Bengals win over the Tennessee Titans in the Divisional Round. 

How are all these new designs getting out there so quickly? First, credit should be given to all the creatives out there coming up with ideas like “If there’s 13 seconds left, we’re good” as soon as a game is in the record books. 

Once a design is made, clear communication is needed between suppliers, printers, distributors, and retailers. EDI enables this to happen swiftly and without error. All parties keep chugging along to meet the demand, and everyone is in the know of where they stand because EDI is constantly updating.

BreakingT carries all sorts of timely products like this mug, which is a reference to the Kansas City comeback with only 13 seconds on the clock in the Divisional Round. Image Source:

Commercial Showcases EDI  

As I was watching the AFC Championship game, I was struck by this IBM commercial. The words “electronic data interchange” aren’t used in the 30-second spot, but it’s all about The EDI.

It depicts an onslaught of orders for a bicycle wheel manufacturer as a manager heads to the factory to oversee the uptick. When she arrives, she sees things are moving smoothly. 

The message: the wheels won’t stop moving when things change. I’ve said this many-a-time on this blog; EDI can handle order fluctuations, and you won’t miss an opportunity for growth. 

That’s good news for Bengals and Rams retailers, and even better news for the fans, who are hungry to get their hands on items to commemorate this event that doesn’t happen every day. Heck, for some teams it takes more than three decades. 

This feeding frenzy wouldn’t be possible without the electronic data interchange churning in the background, 24 hours a day. And when the champion is crowned on Feb. 13, 2022, the wheels of EDI will continue to roll for the victor’s Super Bowl Champion merchandise. 

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