You are likely entitled to refunds from major carriers. So claim them. Automatically.

BOLD Parcel is an automated auditing platform that secures refund credits from UPS, FedEx, and DHL Express. After discovering your shipping refunds, BOLD Parcel securely ensures the refund credits return to your carrier accounts.

Many companies leave thousands of shipping dollars on the table without even knowing. Afterall, finding shipping refunds is a mundane and tedious task resulting in what may seem like small refunds.

The small refunds add up quickly. Moreover, securing them is no longer a burden you need to handle alone.

Typical Shipping Refunds That Go Unclaimed

  • Late deliveries
  • Address correction surcharges
  • Saturday delivery surcharges
  • Dimensional weight overages
  • Duplicate charges
  • Residential fee surcharges
  • Unused shipping labels

BOLD Parcel executes a 40-point audit analyzing each shipment in its entirety providing your refunds with the needed context to secure and maximize each refund.

Why Any Company Shipping With Major Carriers Needs BOLD Parcel

Every refund, every time

Every UPS, FedEx, and DHL Express shipment you send goes through BOLD Parcel’s 40-point audit ensuring you never again miss the refunds you are owed. Moreover, you will receive your refunds faster because BOLD Parcel finds them automatically and with the carrier required context needed, so no further steps are necessary to claim.

Detailed reporting on any device

While you will receive a weekly report, you may also access your account from any device 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. BOLD Parcel provides comprehensive reporting providing transparency to all of your refunds and giving you insights into operational efficiencies. Enjoy the included benefits of Manifest Tracking as BOLD Parcel monitors each of your shipping labels ensuring delivery.

We’ll do all of the work. You collect the savings.

Once you have registered with BOLD Parcel, you will not have to lift a finger. Our software is your competitive advantage. No need to change your internal processes. BOLD Parcel seamlessly integrates with your existing processes. You will not need to update passwords or make any changes to your UPS, FedEx, and DHL Express accounts.

Tried and true security

Take advantage of decades of experience developing enterprise software from BOLD VAN’s development team. BOLD Parcel utilizes bank-level security protecting your information and your refunds. Security firm Cigital performed penetration testing ensuring you have the ironclad security you deserve.

Getting Started With BOLD Parcel

You will be on your way to shipping refunds in minutes with no credit card required during registration.

3 Simple Steps to Start Claiming Your Refunds


Create Your Account

Creating your account requires a small amount of information and only takes a couple of minutes. At the time of registration, no credit card is required.


Watch BOLD Parcel Work

Immediately after registering your account, BOLD Parcel begins auditing your shipping accounts discovering your refunds and the context needed to secure them.


Enjoy Your Savings

BOLD Parcel automatically submits and tracks your refunds. You can view the process on any device and rest easy knowing BOLD Parcel is securing the refunds you deserve.

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