EDI Capability, What You Need to Know

What is EDI Capability and why is it so Important?

Many companies now require their suppliers to be EDI capable and compliant. If you’re looking to optimize your supply-chain, being EDI capable is no longer optional, it’s necessary. Whether you have hundreds of vendors or just a few, becoming EDI capable is an important step in streamlining your operations.

What is EDI Capability?

In a nutshell, EDI capability is the capability to send and receive documents electronically and automatically manage data. If you want to be EDI capable, you really only have two options, either outsource or buy your own software.

Outsourcing EDI is often the most cost-effective and least service disruptive option for most companies. Outsourcing also ensures that you remain EDI compliant at all times.

EDI Revolutionizes Processes

If you’re currently relying on manual data, EDI will add an unparalleled level of efficiency to your processes. You’ll automatically see a huge drop in processing errors and have extensive visibility into your supply chain.

Once you’re EDI capable, you can communicate electronically with your vendors securely and quickly, creating a tighter and smoother relationship.

Becoming EDI Capable

If you opt to implement and maintain your own EDI software, it can be expensive and consume a lot of time and resources.  Having an EDI service provider implement for you is a great, cost-effective option that will limit or eliminate service disruption.

If you do decide to implement EDI yourself, the process can be lengthy and ongoing. Not only will you have to purchase and install your EDI software, you’ll then need to configure your mailbox to receive and store EDI transactions, purchase the necessary hardware for EDI and then meet the compliance requirements of your trading partners.

Complicated process

Next, you need to build maps for each trading partner by purchasing and configuring EDI mapping and translation software. And finally, you have to train either an EDI team or an existing IT team to maintain the software, handle any issues that may come up and keep you EDI compliant.

Oh, and one more thing. You need to make sure and add digital backup and security solutions to keep your company safe from server outages and keep your data safe from malicious attacks.

If you’re not familiar with EDI, we recommend outsourcing these processes as they’re confusing, expensive and ineffective when not done properly.

Why Outsource EDI?

Outsourcing EDI is not only great for becoming EDI capable, but it provides a myriad of benefits when your system is up and running.


When you outsource EDI to BOLD VAN, we take care of all of the hardware and software installation and implementation is free. Not only do we mind the details for you, but we usually have you up and running in one business day.

Great Features

BOLD VAN provides you with a cloud-based solution that you can access anywhere there’s an internet connection. We handle migration and compliance for you, so you never have to worry about getting a vendor on board and being compliant with their requirements. Our Value-Added Network is secure and monitored 24/7, and we are proud to have 99.998% uptime.

No Additional Staff Required

When you outsource your EDI needs, you won’t have to hire additional staff to maintain the system or take your existing IT team off the job to service the system.

EDI Capability Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

EDI is meant to save you time and money, so an expensive solution isn’t going to be worth it. You don’t need to invest a ton of resources to get your company up and running.

An EDI service provider like BOLD VAN can get you up and running quickly and can keep you compliant and secure, no need to reallocate resources from other departments in your company.

BOLD VAN handles all of your EDI needs for one monthly fee. We’re proud to say that our solution is the most cost-effective on the market.

Start your three-month free trial today to see how EDI capability will revolutionize your business.

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