EDI Integration With NetSuite

Are you Using NetSuite? Then you should be integrating EDI with an API.

As a NetSuite ERP user, streamlining your processes and creating an end-to-end solution allows you to manage your operations with visibility and control. So, using an integrated, cloud-based EDI solution to expedite your transactions is a move that makes sense.

NetSuite’s list of benefits is vast and integrating EDI into this solution creates an easy and affordable way to comply with the EDI requirements of your customers. EDI and ERP integration, using an API key is a simple, but powerful way to automate many everyday tasks, virtually eliminate errors, and save money.

Benefits of EDI Integration

Integrating EDI into NetSuite provides a host of benefits, let’s talk about some of the most important ones.

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  • Security and Privacy. Integration allows for seamless data transmission, increasing security.
  • Includes Sales Orders and Invoice Transactions. Integration includes purchase orders, outbound invoices, and advance ship notices.
  • Auto-Pack Capabilities. By integrating EDI into NetSuite, you can package shipments in NetSuite. With this capability, you streamline the process of creating and packaging items.
  • Speed and Accuracy. Integration speeds up order processing and fulfillment and improves the accuracy of your transactions.
  • Saves Time. You’ll interact with both your EDI system and NetSuite from within NetSuite. No more back and forth between systems.

How Integration Saves You Money

EDI integration validates fields before sending transactions. When a field has missing data, the system highlights it. This optimizes turnaround time and reduces chargebacks for customers.

Integration validates unit pricing, duplicate purchase order numbers, and other items before processing through NetSuite. No more rejecting inaccurate invoices to slow down payment.

Streamline Order Processing

NetSuite ERP includes integrated documents including advance-ship notices (ASNs) without the need for third-party software. No more need for manual data entry with an automated system. The order processing features help ensure that you’ll meet your customer’s compliance requirements.

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