How Convenient EDI Data Access Enhances Trading Partner Relationships

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Find Old B2B Documents

EDI trading partners are the various suppliers, vendors, and other businesses that you exchange EDI transactions with for all types of B2B communication. Since “trading partners” are really your business partners, it’s crucial that your trading partner relationships remain on good terms at all times.

However, when your EDI system lets you down, it can cause problems between you and your trading partners. In some cases, this might mean your have an unreliable VAN with extended outage times, or you aren’t able to meet compliance requirements promptly.

The problem that most businesses don’t give much thought to upfront is what happens when you don’t have easy obtain to old EDI transactions. There are always going to be hiccups and delays in the real world that require you to access information from old EDI messages, and the last thing you want to do is hold up things even longer because you can’t get to your data.

12 Months AccessFree Access to EDI Data for Up to 12 Months with BOLD VAN

A lot of EDI providers don’t make it very clear that you will have limited access to old EDI messages unless you want to pay a fee. We don’t think that makes much sense.

Imagine one of your manufacturers has a mishap with the items on a large purchase order. Now they have to start over, and your shipment is delayed by three months by the time it’s all said and done.

Unfortunately, these types of things happen all the time – especially as your business grows and your supply chain has so many moving pieces to manage.

Fast forward three months and your supplier requests that you verify some specific pieces of data from the original purchase order. You log into your EDI management software and realize that document is already archived and you can’t get to it without paying a fee.

Does that seem reasonable? We don’t think so either.

As a BOLD VAN customer, you get FREE access to every single EDI transaction you send or receive for up to 12 months.

Quickly Locate and Access EDI Data with BOLD MANAGER

In that scenario we just explained, we made the assumption that finding the document you needed was the easy part – unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. In fact, many companies would gladly pay the extra fee if they could simply find the old EDI transactions they were looking for.

Not only do we provide free access to your B2B documents, but we also include EDI software in our service that makes finding and retrieving old documents as easy as possible. BOLD MANAGER is a cloud-based web app with a user-friendly interface that makes locating old EDI messages a breeze.

How BOLD VAN Customers Are Improving Their Trading Partner Relationships

You already have enough on your plate. EDI should make your life easier, not create additional problems to solve.

Our customer, Endust, shares a similar experience that many of our customers have reported – issues arising between trading vendors due to poor access to old EDI messages.

Here’s what Endust had to say:

When major retailers reached out to us wanting to troubleshoot EDI 850 purchase orders or check status on EDI 860 purchase order changes, our response time was delayed because of the inability to efficiently retrieve the documents and the poor visibility into the EDI flow. The delays would not only frustrate trading partners but also allow more time for costly errors internally. BOLD VAN’s web portal grants us the solution to quickly resolve trading partner issues while giving us the real-time visibility to monitor EDI transmissions. 

BOLD MANAGER is available at no extra charge for all BOLD VAN customers!

To learn more about Endust’s experience with BOLD VAN, check out their case study.

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