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Posted Thursday, May 4, 2017 in Benefits

Have you noticed a rise in EDI VAN pricing over the last few years? You’re not alone.

Many businesses dread their monthly EDI bill because of the skyrocketing costs and the ridiculous amount of hidden fees that continue to pile up after years of service with the same EDI provider. Recently, we have had several big logistics companies tell us that their monthly EDI costs with us are well below half of what they were paying with their previous EDI VAN.

If you are concerned about EDI VAN pricing, we have good news for you – while other EDI services are looking for ways to charge you more, BOLD VAN is taking an innovative approach to saving you more.


Inspired by military logistics technology, EDI was a revolutionary when it was new. After all, businesses and other organizations were using EDI decades before email became commercially available. Prior to EDI, we had to rely on snail mail and then fax machines – both of which are slower and less secure than EDI.

As you might imagine, an EDI VAN was very expensive to build in the early stages. After all, an EDI VAN has to communicate worldwide in seconds using similar technology as telecommunication companies, except EDI is significantly more secure.

In addition to the initial costs associated with setting up EDI, operating an EDI VAN was also very costly. VANs require ongoing maintenance and regular updates to perform as expected.

As a result, EDI providers had to charge a higher price to their customers to make a profit. However, while EDI VANs certainly aren’t cheap to maintain, the costs have gone down significantly in the last 10 to 15 years.


EDI gained widespread use after the creation of the major EDI standards in the 1980s. Shortly after, EDI became the go-to technology for EDI exchange in every industry where businesses did a lot of B2B transactions.

As more organizations adopted EDI, businesses needed EDI to stay competitive and to communicate with their business partners. In fact, EDI compliance is mandatory to work with many large businesses.

Since most EDI VANs charge a price-per-kilocharacter rate, EDI VAN pricing went up as the demand for EDI increased. Charging by the kilocharacter is essentially the same thing as an internet service provider charging for every kilobyte you send and receive online – except no one in their right mind would every pay for that!

Considering that EDI VANs don’t cost as much to maintain as they once did and businesses exchange more EDI data than ever before, there was a huge opportunity for an innovative company to step in and disrupt the market with a pricing model that makes sense for EDI providers and their customers.



Your business needs EDI, but the rising prices and excessive fees have gotten out of control. How can you effectively scale your operations when you have to pay for every tiny piece of EDI data you use?

BOLD VAN offers Trading Partner Pricing, which means we charge a flat rate based on the number of active trading partners in your network each month. You can use EDI data for one flat rate!

Our EDI VAN pricing model offers the type of scalability that works for small businesses and large enterprises alike. Plus, in addition to providing an EDI VAN, your monthly rate also covers:

  • EDI implementation
  • EDI compliance
  • First-class technical support
  • Trading partner onboarding and/or migration
  • BOLD Manager – our cloud-based EDI web portal

Unlike other EDI VANs, we don’t have any hidden fees that will show up and surprise you on a random bill. We offer the most predictable, straightforward EDI VAN pricing on the market.

Learn more about Trading Partner Pricing from BOLD VAN!

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