Why Every 3PL Needs an EDI Warehouse

Streamline Your 3PL Operations by Equipping Your Warehouse with EDI from BOLD VAN

Having an EDI capable warehouse is essential in the modern world. If your third-party logistics business is operating a warehouse without EDI, you are at a severe disadvantage.

Not only will an EDI warehouse allow you to be more efficient, but it will also eliminate most of the errors that occur when humans are responsible for every step in any business process.

To better serve 3PLs, we created BOLD 3PL – an EDI solution specifically designed for the needs of 3PL companies. However, before you check out BOLD 3PL, you should learn more about why your business needs EDI in the first place.

Automate Around the Clock

With the rise of e-commerce and globalization, 3PLs have to work 24/7 to keep up with their demand. However, between labor and other fixed costs associated with your warehouse, the cost of a 24-hour operation is expensive.

That’s where automation comes in. Automation allows you to keep your warehouse running around the clock while you and your team sleep.

In fact, the automated capabilities of EDI impact virtually every moving piece in a logistics operation, from inventory management and order fulfillment to billing and vendor communication. EDI turns your warehouse into a well-oiled, optimized machine.

Produce Faster Turnaround Times

Relying on fax machines and paper documents keeps your warehouse running at a snail’s pace by today’s standards. You need technology that allows you to receive orders and get them fulfilled in minutes or hours, not days or weeks.

EDI speeds up the entire process by providing fast, secure communication between you and all of your trading partners. In addition to getting order information quickly, our EDI software will alert you when a problem arises the second something goes wrong – this allows you to solve small issues before they turn into a major ordeal.

Plus, if you ever need to access information from a previous order, you can always search the digital archives of every EDI transaction you have exchanged in the last 90 days.

Ensure the Accuracy of Shipping and Billing Information

One of the biggest improvements for any business that implements EDI is the drastic reduction in errors from manual document processing. No matter how many times we try to double-check our work, humans make mistakes.

One minor typo in the shipping information is all it takes to accidentally send a shipment to the wrong location and possibly ruin a business relationship. The same goes for billing – it only takes a small typo to prevent you from getting paid on time.

With EDI, shipping and billing information are both automatically transferred from their in-house software, through an EDI channel, and into your in-house software. The receiving party’s EDI system then automatically checks the data for accuracy and sends a document to the sender that verifies the information.

Although mistakes can technically still happen, it is much harder for them to slip through the cracks. Better accuracy means your business continues to run smoothly and there are far fewer opportunities for friction between you and your trading partners.

Faster ROI

Automated processing, faster turnaround times, and more accurate billing information all lead to a positive outcome – your business gets paid sooner!

Faster ROI

A quicker payment schedule allows you to:

  • Avoid long dry spells of revenue
  • Prevent your own bills from stacking up
  • Invest more money in your business faster

Perhaps the best part about our EDI solution for 3PLs is that it is incredibly cost-effective. Instead of trying to build your own in-house EDI system, there is no major upfront cost, and you don’t have to create a physical IT infrastructure to get started.

Plus, unlike other EDI vendors, we offer unlimited EDI data and only charge for the number of active trading partners in your network. This way, your bill goes up as your company grows, making it easier to scale your 3PL business.

Learn more about BOLD 3PL!

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