Why Target Suppliers Are Switching to BOLD VAN

Target moves VANs to gain more features and reliability. What are you waiting for?

Target moves VANs to gain more features and reliability. What are you waiting for?

As a Target supplier, making sure your current Value-Added Network (VAN) is meeting all of your EDI functionality needs is important. Recently, Target switched VAN’s to increase their functionality and create a more reliable system; a big (and rare) decision for a major retailer.

Now is the perfect time for Target suppliers to move to a new EDI VAN. Target is taking the VAN to the next level enabling tighter relationships with their suppliers. We know that maintaining a great relationship with Target is important to you and making a move now will ensure you are always in-sync with Target.

Harnessing New Functionality

As a part of Target’s EDI VAN migration, they will unleash a suite of never before seen VAN-side functionality including the ability to proactively identify languishing purchase orders. By identifying these purchase orders, Target can immediately notify suppliers and help prevent dropped orders, missed or late shipments, and other problems.

And that’s just one example of how Target’s new VAN helps tighten relationships, eliminate unnecessary headaches, reduce follow-up time and save money.

Suppliers should consider making the move that will enable them to take advantage of these and any future VAN-side services. They should recognize the potential that such a move potentially provide a competitive advantage.

The Right Choice for Your Trading Community

As one of the largest retailers in the nation, Target has a vast trading community. Choosing to move thousands of trading partner relationships to a new VAN was an ambitious decision for a retailer of that size, but taking advantage of a VAN with expanded functionality was worth the move. There is no reason you should FEAR moving to a new VAN.

Moving VAN’s can eliminate long-term contracts that continually go up in price year over year. With the right VAN, you can save tens of thousands per year in unnecessary VAN fees while simultaneously upgrading to the latest technology and enjoying unlimited data with no migrating fees.


Having the same functionality as Target allows us to work closely with them. We are a fully functional Tier 1 VAN that already handles tens of thousands of trading partners and millions of interchanges every month.

We are reliable and cost-effective, that means that you get all of the functionality that Target is getting at an affordable price. Setup is free, we handle the entire migration process, and we keep you in the loop with the ability to monitor and manage the entire migration.

As always, we’ll migrate you to our VAN for free. Your documents are secure, you can access them online, and our uptime is 99.998%!

The Benefits of Migrating With BOLD VAN

We understand that migrating can be a stressful prospect, but with BOLD VAN, we take the risk out of the migration process.

We migrate at the VAN level, and the process is entirely transparent to your trading partner community.

Our cloud-based EDI portal, BOLD Manager, provides a visibility tool that allows you to see when your trading partners move to our network and when you are receiving data from them. There is zero risk of data loss or disruption to your existing trading partner communication during the migration process!

There are no hidden fees in the BOLD VAN migration process. There are other providers out there that will hit you with a bunch of fees for setup, termination, interconnect or overage and more. You’ll never have to worry about hidden fees with us.

Proactive vs. Reactive

Fast EDI ImplementationThe decision to switch VANs is an important one. If you’re not where you want to be, don’t wait until there’s a crisis to make a move to a VAN that provides the functionality you need.

Make a move to the VAN that’s keeping up with the speed of Target and with new technology.  Don’t let fear cost you tens of thousands of dollars per year.  As Target has demonstrated, it’s ok to make the switch and the time to make a move is now.

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