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According to the World Health Organization, malaria claims the life of a child every 30 seconds. We want to help change that statistic, and we’re proud to be on-mission with Project Mosquito Net.

BOLD VAN and Project Mosquito Net

We’re so passionate about making a difference that a portion of our proceeds goes to Project Mosquito Net every year. 100% of our contributions go to provide mosquito nets to pregnant women and children in Africa who desperately need them.


If you’d like to join BOLD VAN and come alongside Project Mosquito Net in the fight against malaria, we encourage you to make a tax-deductible donation today. Every dollar you give goes toward protecting people from this devastating disease.

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Being responsible global citizens is important at BOLD VAN. We strongly believe in paying it forward and being good stewards of our resources. That’s why we support Project Mosquito Net.


Founded in 2005, Project Mosquito Net’s goal is to create a malaria free zone in certain regions of Africa. To achieve this goal, they provide mosquito nets to the most vulnerable victims of malaria: children and pregnant women.

The nets provided by Project Mosquito net are insecticide treated with a long-lasting solution that lasts up to five years. Often, one net will protect multiple people as it’s common for children to share beds.

Every donation goes a long way as 100% of the funds raised by Project Mosquito net go toward purchasing and distributing mosquito nets, and this organization is 100% volunteer-based.