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Many worldwide companies and brands have already switched to EDI VAN services provided by BOLD VAN, and each one needs a unique EDI strategy tailored to their specific resources, partner networks, and day-to-day needs. We pride ourselves on being quick and effective, without disrupting your current operational capacity.

Here are just a few of the bold EDI solutions that we offer.

B2B EDI for Growing Businesses

Whether you are starting a brand-new business or looking to scale up an existing one, knowing you have reliable means of exchanging crucial documents and managing data can go a long way towards maximizing your long-term potential. With BOLD VAN’s “pay as you grow” pricing that charges by number of trading partners rather than data volumes, your EDI platform will meet your needs – both now and in the future – without breaking your budget.

3PL Providers

Automation is essential if you are looking for efficiency in modern third-party logistics. Implementing a comprehensive EDI system can be a cost-effective way of maximizing your operational ability as a 3PL provider in the supply chain. From automatically managing orders and fulfillment, to ensuring accessibility, to key metrics and customer information, BOLD Manager can be a scalable solution for 3PL companies of all shapes, sizes, and strategies.

Cloud EDI VANs

Web-based EDI can be an affordable, accessible, and adaptable solution for both startups and enterprises with existing EDI infrastructures. On top of reducing costs and risks associated with local data storage, operating EDI through the cloud provides all the benefits of secure and EDI-compliant software without buying new hardware or hiring in-house IT staff. Additionally, you will not lose any time or data in the migration process.

Retail and Supply Chain EDI

Data exchange and management can make or break a modern retail enterprise, as well as efficiently tracking inventory at all stages of the product journey. BOLD Retail EDI is built with the needs of retail businesses in mind, allowing automated order processing, eliminating the possibility manual data errors, and much more.

Transportation Management

Want an EDI system for your transport operation that securely stores months of data, maintains virtually unbroken uptime around the clock, and imposes no limits on how much data you can send? BOLD Transportation has you covered. It offers custom load tender alerts, real-time processing of time-sensitive documents, and EDI-compliant support for everything from bill of ladings to shipment manifests.

Distribution Enablement System for Warehouses

The more information you have about how a warehouse is running, the more effectively you can optimize its output. BOLD VAN’s DES is constructed from the ground up to help you accomplish just that. DES’s compatibility with major retailers and carriers means no more logging on to multiple carrier and customer sites. This robust warehouse management system takes care of EDI requirements, creating UCC labels, automating the entire shipping process, dock planning, and finding warehouse inefficiencies. The straightforward and customizable DES interface can be integrated flawlessly into your existing business system or enterprise resource planning software.

Enterprise EDI VANs

Enterprise EDI is its own unique beast compared to all other types of EDI systems, with building and maintaining trading partner relationships being an especially crucial priority. BOLD Enterprise provides around-the-clock support with onboarding existing partners and strengthening your relationship with them through innovative searching, reporting, and control features.

If you have any questions about these BOLD EDI solutions, or you are ready to join us right away, please contact us to set up a consultation.