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Thousands of B2B companies rely on electronic data interchange (EDI) to send and receive digital purchase orders, invoices, order acknowledgments, and other valuable business documents. However, most EDI providers punish their customers with data fees making EDI billing unpredictable. BOLD B2B was created to eliminate data fees and provide B2B companies of all sizes with a powerful, scalable, easy-to-use EDI solution at an affordable monthly cost.

B2B industries count on BOLD B2B for:

  •   Pay As You Grow Pricing – We understand that B2B industries require a tremendous amount of EDI data, which is why BOLD B2B never charges you for the amount of EDI data you move on our VAN. We are the first EDI provider to offer trading partner pricing, meaning your cost is based on the number of trading partners you have. Your price doesn’t go up unless your business has expanded with more trading partners.
  •   Performance and Reliability – BOLD B2B provides a powerful, full-featured EDI platform designed specifically for B2B needs. Our world-class EDI network boasts incredible uptimes over 99.998%, providing consistent and reliable service.
  •   Hassle-Free Migration – You don’t need to contact your trading partners or change your IDs when you switch to BOLD B2B. We use a quick and seamless process to onboard all of your trading partners, that won’t alert them or affect your business.
  •   Convenient EDI Data Management – Easily locate and manage all EDI data from the previous 90 days on any device with BOLD B2B. This allows you to quickly find missing documents and keep your supply chain flowing smoothly.

Transform the way your business uses EDI with BOLD B2B.

Optimize Logistics Through EDI

B2B supply chains have a lot of moving parts. BOLD B2B allows you to track and manage every process from order to fulfillment in real-time from the BOLD Manager. You can even configure alerts to automatically message you when something requires your attention, minimizing any potential delays.

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Improve Efficiency While Reducing Labor Costs

EDI communications through BOLD B2B are completely automated, saving your business thousands of hours in manual data entry and removing the potential for human errors to cause delays. You and your trading partners will be seamlessly connected, allowing you to maintain full compliance and see updates on transactions as they happen live.

First-Class B2B Customer Support

As a B2B company, BOLD VAN understands the value of customer service ─ especially for EDI. In addition to reliable performance, seamless migration, and flexible pricing, switching to BOLD B2B comes with first-class technical support for the times you need it most. Do you need to use AS2 or meet the supplier requirements from Walmart and other major retailers? We’ve got you covered! With over 25 years of EDI experience, there’s no problem we haven’t solved.

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