Distribution Enablement System

A warehouse management solution: gain unprecedented efficiency and visibility into your order fulfillment processes.

Track orders the moment they come in from one user-friendly interface.

Know which team members managed and picked your orders.

Schedule, manage, and gain insight into carrier dock times.

See specific specifications for each of your customers.

Developed with you in mind

BOLD VAN created DES (Distribution Enablement System) to optimize your order-to-ship processes while giving you the insight needed to operate an efficient warehouse. DES uses carrier APIs and integrates with your ERP or business system allowing you to manage the entire pick-and-ship process from one place. You no longer have to log into multiple carrier and customer sites. DES integrates with all major retailers and carriers so you can manage the entire process from one place.

We know warehouse needs vary from company to company: DES is versatile and will acclimate to your needs.

Focused on You

Intuitive Interface

A solution is only as powerful as your ability to use it. DES has a simple interface so that anyone may use and understand it. Whether you need to sort information or print thousands of shipping labels, DES lets you do either with a single click.

DES revolutionized Razor USA’s warehouse

Optimize Your Order to Ship Process

Sort orders to meet your pick and pack needs.



Sort orders by carrier or customer and print all labels at once.


Ship Date

Ensure all orders ship on time, every time.

Item Numbers

Item Number

Print labels for an item and pick the item for all customers in one effort.

Your Orders, Your Way

Pack and ship orders to meet your customer’s requirements

  • Print your Customer’s Pick Tickets, Pack Lists, Bill of Lading and Master Bill of Lading
  • Print Customer Specific UCC/GS1 Carton Labels and Pallet Labels
  • Build Shipments, EG: Cartons, Pallet Builder, Pick Pack functionality
  • Send EDI Compliant Shipping Documents such as EDI Advance Ship Notices (856)
  • Integrate EDI documents with Logistic Companies
  • Manage Your Shipping Dock
  • Enable Customer Requirements

UPS or FedEx or Both

Through carrier APIs, DES allows you to sort by the carrier and send thousands of shipping labels to the appropriate carrier’s printer with one click. DES then automatically grabs the tracking info from the labels and sends the tracking info to your customers.

DES integrates with all major carriers.

CH Robinson
Shipment labeling
Warehouse efficiency

Find Internal Productivity Opportunities

Create multiple user profiles in DES to gain visibility into picker and packer efficiency The User determines where print jobs are sent and which orders are processed. Warehouse optimization requires the comprehensive visibility DES provides.

Is Your Carrier Costing You Unnecessary Money?

Not all carriers are equal. With DES’s Dock Manager, you’ll know what time and at which dock a carrier should arrive. Then, track how long each carrier is at the dock giving you insight into carrier inefficiencies.


Your Customers, Their Way

Different customers have different order fulfillment requirements. DES’s Administration feature shows customer requirements and prints their specific bill of lading (BOL), master BOL, pick slips, and pack slips under your customer’s branding. For example, when you are drop shipping an order for Amazon, all order collateral will be branded as Amazon.

Bang For Your Buck

You’re getting a robust warehouse management software solution at a price you will love compared to similar WMS solutions. DES is filled with warehouse management features. However, if there is something you’d like to see to make the solution better for your needs, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Ready to See What DES Will Do For You?

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