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EDI For Microsoft Dynamics

Thousands of businesses worldwide depend on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for its customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) capabilities, to name just two of the areas this program suite works within. Unfortunately, one place where Dynamics 365 can be somewhat lacking is the integration of your business’s existing electronic data interchange (EDI) practices into the processes you run within Dynamics.

BOLD VAN has years of experience providing customized solutions to these problems through our innovative approach to EDI management through value-added networks (VANs). If you want to implement EDI for Microsoft Dynamics as effectively as possible, we can help you affordably get the results you want.

Integrating EDI Practices Into ERP Tools

In the past, keeping track of which partners had received and authenticated which pieces of information required a convoluted mess of paper forms, phone calls, faxes, and emails. None of this could be natively sorted and filed into a single system without much effort and financial expense. The advent of continent-wide EDI standards helped solve this problem to some extent. Still, it also added a new problem to the mix: incorporating established EDI procedures into new programs and tools like Microsoft Dynamics.

The benefits of EDI integration for Microsoft Dynamics are similar in many ways to the benefits of switching to EDI and away from manual data management practices in the first place. Rather than having to sort through different protocols and procedures for each partner and system, you can have all your partners on the same wavelength and save time and money by avoiding this conversion process altogether. Furthermore, EDI lets you customize your data management system to your unique needs rather than molding your existing system into a shape that only partially fits.

What Are the Benefits of an EDI VAN?

Value-added networks are private networks that operate separately from the Internet. They allow businesses to communicate almost instantly with all their partners without needing to adjust their EDI standards for each exchange. Most companies that use EDI will need a VAN to communicate with multiple partners efficiently.

In addition to standard VAN features like private mailboxes for EDI data, transaction archives, built-in authentication procedures, and customizable notifications, we also provide all our VAN clients with universal EDI compliance, automatic data backups, and the ability to access your EDI data through a web portal. We are also one of the few VAN providers nationwide that bills on a per-partner basis rather than billing based on how much data you send. This can be a significant money-saving benefit down the road.

BOLD VAN Can Help With EDI For Microsoft Dynamics

Electronic data interchange systems play a central role in the business practices of enterprises in almost every industry, especially those that emphasize logistics and supply chain management. BOLD VAN can help ensure your EDI VAN works as smoothly and efficiently as possible and assist with integration into Microsoft Dynamics 365.

We are ready and available to help your business succeed to its fullest capabilities. Call today to learn more.