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EDI For NetSuite

First founded in 1998 as NetLedger, Netsuite — as it is known today — is one of the most popular cloud-based business management platforms in the United States and around the world. It is also arguably the very first such platform launched for general commercial use. Unfortunately, NetSuite is not exactly user-friendly when it comes to EDI integration, which can make this otherwise useful program difficult for EDI VAN-dependent businesses to use effectively.

There are numerous ways to address the issue of the NetSuite platform not having built-in EDI capabilities, many of which can be complex, time-consuming, and expensive to implement on your own. Fortunately, BOLD VAN is available to help you through this integration process, keeping your business on track without breaking the bank.

Why Go Through the Hassle of EDI NetSuite Integration?

Put simply, data is what makes the modern business world go round. If you cannot keep track of exactly who has your data and confirm that the data you have sent out to business partners and clients have been successfully received and authenticated, you may not have a business at all for much longer. Integrating your own electronic data interchange practices organically into NetSuite can streamline your foundational business processes even further. This will keep you and all your employees organized, reducing the possibility of manual errors and inconsistently applied data processes.

Another big reason EDI for NetSuite can be so beneficial to all businesses is that, once the integration is complete, you and your partners will be using the same central processes to communicate. There will not be any thorny issues with converting messages into the proper format or complying with different protocols. You will have a far easier time finding and verifying exchanged data.

Benefits of Working With an EDI Service Provider

The most substantial reason why you should consider working with an EDI service provider while incorporating EDI for NetSuite into your business practices is also the most straightforward: the money you will save in the long run. On top of ensuring that the actual implementation process goes smoothly and quickly, you do not have to spend your own company’s resources on in-house management and support if you can depend on a team of third-party experts.

BOLD VAN can also help you centralize your EDI processes into a value-added network. This private network does not necessarily require an Internet connection but still allows you to communicate consistently with partners worldwide. Notably, we are unique among VAN providers in that our price structure is built around a per-partner model, rather than per-kilo-character of information sent.

Get Help With Setting Up EDI For NetSuite from BOLD VAN

NetSuite can be an extremely useful tool for businesses in most industries, but only if you make the most of its unique capabilities and tailor them to your business needs. EDI integration can be a vital step towards accomplishing this, and working closely with a dependable EDI VAN provider can be crucial to efficient EDI integration.

If you need help with EDI for NetSuite, BOLD VAN is ready to ensure you get the best possible results during the integration process and for years afterward. Call today to learn more.