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BOLD VAN’s EDI for Infor solution seamlessly integrates our EDI service with your Infor VISUAL ERP. Send and receive EDI data right from Infor VISUAL without the need of human intervention. No more separate EDI processes. No in-house EDI staffing. Manage all of your EDI data right for your ERP.

Infor VISUAL is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution engineered specifically for the manufacturing industry. A true end-to-end ERP solution, Infor VISUAL gives order-driven manufacturing companies visibility to the entire manufacturing process optimizing delivery times and making bottlenecks apparent.

BOLD VAN’s unique approach as an EDI service provider is ideal for the manufacturing industry. BOLD VAN pioneered Trading Partner Pricing where companies charging companies for the number of trading partners they exchanged data with rather than for data.

Creating a fully integrated EDI solution for Infor VISUAL gives manufacturing companies unprecedented automation and visibility to both their manufacturing process and their EDI service.

  • EDI Data
  • Layers of Standardization
  • Validation
  • Infor VISUAL ERP

Why EDI for Infor?


Integrating EDI with you Infor VISUAL ERP allows you to manage your EDI service from your ERP. You no longer need a separate in-house EDI system to communicate with trading partners. EDI data translates and loads directly into Infor VISUAL for inbound transmissions. For outbound EDI data, BOLD VAN’s EDI service translates and sends your Infor VISUAL document to your trading partner. Hands-free, no human intervention.


When utilizing BOLD VAN’s EDI VAN, we are your EDI team. Our staff of EDI Experts is happy to show you how to manage your EDI data right from your EDI. If we need to troubleshoot an issue, you can count on our 30+ years of experience to efficiently resolve whatever may arise.


EDI for Infor integrates right into your ERP meaning you won’t need additional hardware to become EDI capable and EDI compliant. No hardware to purchase and maintain gives you a quicker ROI on your EDI and ERP investments.


Both BOLD VAN and Infor VISUAL bring unrivaled efficiency benefits to the manufacturing industry. Integrating the two brings end-to-end automation to the manufacturing process from incoming purchase orders to the delivery of products. Having vital documents from your trading partners in the same system used to manage your manufacturing is a truly optimized manufacturing management solution.