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Migrating From Gentran:Server to the Cloud

For years, IBM’s Gentran:Server has been a vital resource for businesses all over the world looking to standardize their electronic data interchange (EDI) practices and keep their enterprise as a whole on track. However, as technology has advanced, Sterling Gentran:Server for Microsoft Windows has started to fall behind the curve, to the point that this tried-and-tested EDI solution may not actually be the best solution for the EDI needs of most modern-day companies.

Migrating from Gentran:Server to the cloud with support from Bold VAN comes with a long list of upsides, as well as a few key features that Gentran:Server cannot currently provide. Here are just some of the things you should consider when deciding whether cloud migration is the right approach for your enterprise, both in the short term and the long term.

The Potential Downsides of Relying on Gentran:Server

In its current version, IBM Sterling Gentran:Server for Microsoft Windows provides a variety of services that are essential to communicating, translating, and securely storing EDI data. On top of having its own internal process control and communication systems, Gentran:Server automatically translates and routes application-to-application messages through both value-added networks (VANs) and direct lines. It can even operate in an “unattended mode” that notifies designated personnel only when required to keep things moving smoothly.

However, while Gentran:Server is reportedly “designed to take full advantage of the Microsoft Windows environment,” that design only applies specifically to the 2003 and 2008 Enterprise Editions of Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft Windows XP, and Microsoft Windows 7. Additionally, while Microsoft has stated that it has no concrete plans to formally sunset Gentran:Server, the writing on the wall shows that users should not expect too many new updates or added functionality to this software either—if any.

Furthermore, Gentran:Server lags behind other options for EDI services in the ability to quickly respond to ever-changing markets, provide real-time data visibility, and allow users to take advantage of new business opportunities. Put simply, even if Gentran:Server works fine for now, it will likely be insufficient for many businesses in the near future.

Benefits of Cloud Migration for EDI

Migrating from Gentran:Server to cloud-based EDI is a great alternative to upgrading from this soon-to-be-outdated local service to another one that will be limited similarly. Most notably, cloud systems are designed to translate more efficiently between different EDI standards automatically, solving many potential integration problems before they have a chance to begin.

Moving on from legacy EDI software like Gentran:Server can save money and resources that would otherwise go towards maintaining an increasingly outdated system. It can also allow for easier scaling to account for business growth, as well as automation of various processes that used to require human input.

Talk to Bold VAN About Migrating to the Cloud From Gentran:Server

As beneficial as Gentran:Server has been to countless businesses worldwide over the past several years, its time as a preeminent EDI solution may soon end. Fortunately, you have an alternative available that is not only cost-effective but will also position your enterprise to take advantage of shifting market trends and opportunities.

Bold VAN is currently offering fantastic deals to companies looking to migrate from Gentran:Server to the cloud, and we also have extensive Gentran:Server experience which makes us uniquely qualified to assist with this migration. Get in touch today to discuss your options.