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Electronic Data Interchange For Administration, Commerce, and Support (EDIFACT) is an international EDI standard that was originally developed by the United Nations.

The primary components of EDIFACT are:

  • A standard syntax for organizing and structuring data
  • Interactive EDI (i-EDI)
  • Standard messages for interaction between trading partners in various industries and countries

Aside from the US automotive industry, EDIFACT is used more frequently outside of the United States.

Below are the common EDIFACT transaction sets and their respective functions.

ORDERS Purchase Order:

Replaces paper purchase orders.

ORDRSP Purchase Order Acknowledgment:

Provides confirmation that a purchase order will be fulfilled as requested.

ORDCHG Purchase Order Change:

Communicates requested changes to an existing purchase order.

ORDRSP Purchase Order Change Acknowledgment:

Confirms the changes requested of an existing purchase order.

ORSSTA Order Status Inquiry:

Requests information regarding an existing purchase order.

ORDREP Order Status Report:

Provides information and status report of an existing purchase order.

DELFOR Planning Schedule/Material Release:

Provides information related to the planned schedule for an order or a commitment of materials from a supplier.

DELJIT Shipping Schedule:

Communicates instructions for a shipping schedule.

DESADV Advance Shipping Notice:

Provides the same information found on a packing slip.

IFTMCS Shipment Information:

Communicates shipping information in a protocol that meets government requirements and is often used by government agencies.

RECADV Receiving Advice:

Sends confirmation to the supplier that the shipment has been received.

INVRPT Inventory Inquiry/Advice:

Allows suppliers to send inventory information to trading partners.

SLSRPT Product Transfer and Resale Report:

Provides information to the receiving party about general product information updates, such as material being sent to a new location or a sales report of products being shipped to end customers from multiple locations.

INVOIC Invoice:

Replaces paper bills and invoices.

REMADV Payment Order/Remittance Advice:

Provides information to initiate payments and communicates remittance information.

CONTRL Functional Acknowledgment:

Sends confirmation that an EDI transaction has been received.

BANSTA Application Advice:

Allows recipient to accept, reject, or request changes to a previous transaction.