Case Study: Endust

A Cost-Effective EDI Solution Enhancing B2B Relationships

Endust is a leading manufacturer of furniture sprays and dusters. Their products are widely available in all of the major retail stores across the United States and Canada, including Walmart, Target, and Home Depot. For over 57 years, consumers have enjoyed Endust’s products that range from stainless steel cleaner and wood polish to allergy-free dust spray and duster pads.

Like most companies that manufacture and sell consumer goods, Endust has a diverse supply chain that relies on EDI for B2B communication.


Real-Time Visibility

Real-Time Visibility

47% Price Decrease

VAN Expense Cut In Half

Archived Data

Instant Access to Archived Documents for up to 12 Months, With No Fees

BOLD VAN’s web portal grants us the solution to quickly resolve trading partner issues while giving us the real-time visibility to monitor EDI transmissions.

Challenges in retrieving EDI documents created unnecessary stress on trading partner relationships

When Endust first approached us, they had concerns about retrieving old documents and receiving timely support for their issues. They needed the ability to see transmitted documents in real-time and quickly access archived EDI documents to follow-up with their trading partners.

A trading partner would have a question about an old EDI document or ask for clarification on an order and Endust couldn’t get back to them promptly creating a strain on trading partner relationships. When they would try to search for an EDI 850 purchase order or an EDI 820 payment order in their EDI management software, they couldn’t find it, and there wasn’t a simple tool for locating archived transactions.

Even worse, when they would contact their previous EDI VAN, they found it to be a challenge to get ahold of someone to resolve issues. Between poor usability and a lack of customer support from their previous EDI provider, trading partner relationships were strained.

When you are paying as much as they were for EDI service, you expect a certain level of professional support that Endust wasn’t experiencing. Endust grew tired of delaying their trading partners and sought out a new EDI provider with a better and more cost-effective solution for their needs.

Real-time visibility and simple access to transmitted documents provide resolution

Since Endust starting working with us – they now easily retrieve EDI documents, support requests are answered quickly, and trading partners are happy!

BOLD Manager Screenshot

Endust has an in-house EDI system they continue to use, but they needed a reliable VAN, better support, and an easy method for retrieving old EDI messages. One of their favorite features of our service is our web portal. After introducing the Endust team to BOLD MANAGER, they were very impressed by the ease-of-use and functionality.

When you have hundreds of trading partners and move a high volume of EDI transactions like Endust, it’s easy to lose track of important documents. However, BOLD MANAGER allows the Endust team to find any document they need in a matter of seconds.

They especially appreciate the reassurance that comes along with the real-time visibility of all EDI transactions. BOLD Manager allows you to monitor supply chain activity from a bird’s eye view, giving you a clear picture of everything that’s going on in your supply chain as it’s happening.

Since BOLD Manager is a web portal, the Endust team no longer needs to be in the office to access EDI documents and monitor EDI transmissions. They can log into their dashboard from any device with an internet connection and immediately find the information they need.

BOLD Manager Screenshot

Plus, Endust was able to keep their in-house EDI system in place. The process of migrating to BOLD VAN was simple and went through without a hitch. We designed our services for compatibility with custom in-house EDI systems, so they saw zero delays or outages in service and their trading partners didn’t have to be notified that Endust changed services.


After migrating to BOLD VAN, we cut Endust’s monthly EDI bill in half. Today, they pay 53% of what they were paying their previous VAN provider, and their specific needs are better served.

We pride ourselves on offering personalized support – whenever Endust has questions or concerns, they contact Beth, their support rep on the BOLD VAN team. Upon migrating Endust to our VAN, Beth took the time to understand their business, their EDI needs, and the unique challenges of leveraging EDI in their operations.

Endust relies on BOLD VAN’s accessible and timely support. Their trading partners are never left to figure things out on their own. Trading partner relationships are better than ever, and Endust is enjoying a much higher ROI on their EDI investment.

In Their Words…

When major retailers reached out to us wanting to troubleshoot EDI 850 purchase orders or check status on EDI 860 purchase order changes, our response time was delayed because of the inability to efficiently retrieve the documents and the poor visibility into the EDI flow. The delays would not only frustrate trading partners but also allow more time for costly errors internally. BOLD VAN’s web portal grants us the solution to quickly resolve trading partner issues while giving us the real-time visibility to monitor EDI transmissions.

Beyond their web portal, we take great comfort in BOLD VAN’s speedy response time when we have questions. Beth is attentive and presents solutions and answers to our issues.

Reliability is only a portion of what Endust needed in an EDI VAN. We needed to know we count on our EDI partner to give us relevant and resolving answers to our questions. We needed EDI experts to be our EDI experts. BOLD VAN exceeds our expectations.


― Tim Withner

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