Case Study: Razor USA

Warehouse management doesn’t have to be difficult.

BOLD Impacts


Hundreds of staff-hours saved per month


Hundreds of thousands of items shipped with a single click


All trading partners managed to their specifications

Razor USA scooters woke up the sleeping scooter industry in 2000, completely transforming how people thought of scooters previously. Because of their innovative engineering, when people think of scooters, they’re thinking about what Razor USA created. Kids and parents alike love Razor USA scooters, and the industry will never be the same.

Razor USA’s Model A scooter is likely what comes to mind when someone mentions Razor USA scooters, but the brand now has a wide range of products including hoverboards, electric scooters, RipStiks, Jetts Heel Wheels, and more.

“DES is a game-changer for us. We had a glaring need to increase our warehouse efficiency to meet the demands of our growing business.”

-Paul Chan, CTO, Razor USA


Razor USA needed an innovative warehouse solution that is EDI compliant, customizable, easy to learn, and available across a network that could ship from multiple terminals and endpoints: a solution as innovative as Razor USA.

With a massive warehouse, multiple carriers and many retailers, Razor USA’s complex processes needed a management system that could handle their high volume of transactions as well as ensuring that they were meeting their customer requirements and maintaining positive relationships with their trading partners.

Razor USA was looking for a warehouse management solution with EDI integration that could optimize their order fulfillment processes in a large-scale warehouse.

Not only are most EDI solutions expensive but at scale, the number of fees generated by these systems made EDI a significant line item in the budget. Additionally, visibility in other systems was much murkier. Razor USA needed a solution that allowed them to see what was going on in their warehouse in the moment of need.

BOLD DES by BOLD VAN – The Perfect Warehouse Management Solution For Razor USA

BOLD DES (Distribution Enablement System) was the perfect warehouse management software solution for Razor USA.

With BOLD DES, Razor USA can send massive amounts of data with a single click all while integrating with every major retailer including Target, Amazon, and Walmart.
On top of deep integrations, BOLD DES manages customer-specific requirements and optimizes the pick-and-pack process in large warehouses. Customers now receive Razor USA data via EDI through automation.

Why Razor USA Loves Bold Van DES

Simple Shipping

BOLD DES enables Razor USA to ship their products easily and efficiently, allowing Razor USA to manage the shipping process by customer, carrier or ship date, even by product number.

DES also manages multiple carrier printer locations for integral integrations such as UPS, USPS, and FedEx and allows visibility into order size. Razor USA is able to print hundreds of shipping labels with a single click.


Currently, BOLD DES manages and provides the ability to create not only unique customer-compliant UCC and GS1 labels but also the ability to call different labels based on how items are shipped. For example, if there are multiple items in a carton, DES will call the Mixed Label.  Which is critical applies to pick-and-pack shipments, pallet shipments, and individual cartons.

BOLD DES allows Razor USA to:

  • Sort shipments
  • Print all shipping documents
  • Print customer specific shipping labels such as Pick Tickets, Pack Lists, Bill of Lading, Master Bill of Lading

  • Send print jobs based on user login
  • Integrate with UPS, FedEx, and with Endicia (USPS)
  • Integrate with 3PL for routing

  • Provide shipping quotes, similar to Expedia
  • Use Dock Manager to track inbound and outbound shipments
  • Track the number of cartons pickers are picking

What Razor USA is saying…

“Between the gained visibility, our new and efficient order fulfillment processes, and the automation with our carriers and customers, we grabbed much more than we hoped for with BOLD VAN’s DES, it has truly changed the way we ship today and tomorrow.”

-Paul Chan, CTO, Razor USA