Case Study: Razor USA

World-Class EDI VAN Service, Flawless Migration


BOLD Impacts


days to complete migration

Dedicated support = Peace of mind


Days archived data may be accessed at no charge

Razor USA scooters completely transformed the scooter industry in 2000, changing how people thought about and interacted with scooters. Through innovative engineering and creativity, when people think of scooters, they’re thinking about Razor USA’s design. Because of Razor USA, the scooter industry will never be the same.

Razor USA’s Model A scooter is its flagship product and is likely what comes to mind at the mention of a Razor USA scooter, but the brand now has a wide range of products. Some of Razor USA’s other popular products include hoverboards, electric scooters, RipStiks, Jetts Heel Wheels, and more.


Razor was being charged excessive fees for kilo characters and simple things such as technical support and access to data. Additional fees and lack of transparency were making the monthly cost for EDI both an inconsistent and significant portion of their budget every month.

Many companies overpay for their EDI VAN service, but feel trapped because they don’t want to disrupt service to their trading partners by switching to another platform, Razor was one of these companies. With a high volume of orders and other documents, the thought of service disruption was unthinkable.

Razor needed a solution that was affordable at scale, predictable, and that could promise a smooth migration with zero service interruption, without exceptions.

Why Razor USA Loves BOLD VAN

Pain-Free Migration

Because BOLD VAN is a cloud-based solution, migration was both quick and painless. Razor USA loved that the BOLD VAN team entirely handled the migration process.

Not only was the migration process quick but BOLD VAN also ensured that there were zero service interruptions and made the entire process as transparent as possible to Razor USA.

Trading Partner Pricing

Razor USA chose BOLD VAN in part because they are the first EDI provider to offer Trading Partner Pricing. What this means is that BOLD VAN bases pricing on the number of trading partners you have rather than the amount of data you send or receive.

For a company like Razor USA that has thousands of interchanges every day, Trading Partner Pricing provides them significant savings each month relative to their previous VAN.

Razor USA was thrilled that the Trading Partner Pricing also included migration, EDI compliance with specific trading partner requirements, and support for free.

BOLD VAN Allowed Razor USA to:

Migrate seamlessly to BOLD VAN with no interruptions of service.

Stay compliant with their customers.

Access data through the cloud.

Take advantage of cost-effective pricing.

Enjoy EDI data translation if ever needed.

Obtain support and technical assistance.

What Razor USA is saying…

“From painless migration, to sensible pricing, to managing all of our trading partner relationships, BOLD VAN has provided more than we hoped for and has certainly blown other EDI VAN providers out of the water. We truly have a partner we can rely on in BOLD VAN.”

See how BOLD VAN works for you with no commitment.