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Spanx got its start one night when the founder, Sara Blakely, was getting ready for a party and couldn’t find a flattering undergarment to wear. In a burst of genius, she found a pair of pantyhose and cut off the feet to create the first pair of undergarment that would later become Spanx.

Since then, Spanx has exploded and are now worn by women of all ages all across the globe. Spanx is available in retail stores in over 50 countries!

Common to all fast-growing businesses, comes “good-to-have” problems, such as scaling B2B communication and optimizing the supply chain.

The migration was a huge success, and we experienced no issues during the transition. There were no data interruptions throughout the migration process.

How much will you save migrating to BOLD VAN?

Trading Failure

Spanx Grew Tired of Overpaying for Limited Data Access and Poor Customer Service

Spanx reached a point with their previous VAN provider where they had to say “enough is enough.” They believed they were paying far too much money for their ROI and sought out a better solution.

The biggest problem for Spanx was customer service – they felt like they were just another number in a long list of customers.

Spanx constantly had to pay additional fees to access archived EDI data due to their old VAN’s limited window to access their EDI transactions. Those additional fees did not sit well with Spanx.

In addition, they were paying an exuberant amount of money with huge unpredictable monthly fees that Spanx could no longer ignore.

However, Spanx had serious concerns about migrating, which is why they put it off for so long despite being unsatisfied with their VAN service. Business relationships and operation stability are incredibly important to their team, and they were afraid of suffering business interruptions and data loss during the migration process.

Now Spanx Enjoys Exceptional Customer Service, Reliability, and Incredible Monthly Savings

Fortunately, the migrations process for Spanx was as smooth as possible. We even created a testing environment to test the data connections between Spanx and BOLD VAN to ensure data integrity was protected before the official migration, which eased their concerns.

Before migrating, Spanx was paying excessive kilo-character fees each month for their VAN service. With retail stores all around the world, you can imagine their EDI data usage is extremely high, creating an enormous bill that became difficult to justify from a practical business standpoint.

By migrating to BOLD VAN, Spanx found the Trading Partner Pricing model highly effective – saving them around 83% on their monthly EDI costs!

BOLD VAN Solves Problems

Why Spanx Loves Trading Partner Pricing

No Hidden Fees
Zero hidden fees
Send and Receive
Send and receive unlimited EDI data each month
Active Trading Partners
Price is fixed to the number of active trading partners

Now that Spanx is saving so much money on their VAN, they’ve started reviewing their internal processes to identify where that money can be invested to streamline their operations even more.

In addition to lower VAN prices, Spanx has yet to pay a fee for accessing old EDI messages. Using the BOLD MANAGER, they can quickly locate old purchase orders or invoices at no extra charge for up to 12 months – this is progress!

BOLD MANAGER Allows Spanx to Search Any Combination Of:

  • Date range
  • Transaction set
  • Trading partner
  • Control number
Data Types

Spanx Finally Has an EDI Partner They Can Rely On

After deciding to migrate to BOLD VAN, we immediately put Spanx in touch with their personal EDI customer service rep – Beth. Since getting started, Beth has been by their side every step of the way to ensure their migration process was successful and that they were getting the most out of our VAN and cloud-based EDI software.

As a growing company competing against large, established enterprises, one of our key advantages is providing attentive customer service. Spanx now has a team of EDI experts that they can turn to for any questions, concerns, or help with EDI-related business decisions.


BOLD VAN made us feel like we were valued from the first conversation inquiring about their products and solutions throughout the entire migration process. They were attentive, thoroughly answering the many questions we had regarding the migration process. The pricing scale and product offerings were [a] step above all the VANs we researched in the process of looking for new VAN service.

Customer service and reliability have been second to none! BOLD VAN has been phenomenal in ensuring all of our needs are met, touching base each week to ensure there haven’t been any issues after the migration.

I would highly recommend BOLD VAN to any companies looking to be valued by their EDI service provider.

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