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Torani’s Dedicated EDI Specialist

Torani started as a family business in 1925 in Lucca, Italy. Their flavored syrup was used to create the world’s first flavored latte!

Today, Torani sells over 100 syrup flavors, sauces, and beverage bases to consumers and businesses around the world. As a global business that’s active in a variety of markets, Torani uses a tremendous amount of EDI data each month to keep their supply and demand chains operating efficiently.

How much will you save migrating to BOLD VAN?


Before Switching to BOLD VAN

Torani’s demand for EDI data led to massive monthly EDI bills. Over time, EDI became one of their significant business expenses – one that they wanted to decrease as much as possible.

When Torani contacted us, they wanted to learn more about our unique pricing model. They also had concerns about fees because their previous EDI provider was charging several fees that Torani felt didn’t quite make sense.

Torani also felt that they weren’t getting personalized support for troubleshooting issues. Like most businesses, EDI is not their area of expertise and resolving problems became a time-consuming process.

Since Torani is working with all of the major retailers around the world, service outages or poor technical support are not an option. Hurting relationships with their trading partners could have significant repercussions for their business.

Between an ever increasing amount of fees and lack of proper customer support, Torani decided to migrate to a VAN that better fit their needs.

Since Partnering with BOLD VAN

Since Torani starting working with us – they now have a predictable monthly EDI budget, they get attentive support, and they’re enjoying a 54% monthly savings from their previous EDI provider!

Thanks to our Trading Partner Pricing, the Torani team knows upfront how much they will have to pay each month and they can use unlimited EDI data without worrying about spiking their EDI bill.

We also include several features in our service that they had to pay additional fees most VANs charge extra for:

Common fees we DON’T charge:

  • No setup or contract termination fees
  • No interconnect or overage fees
  • No fees for unique data formats
  • No fee to retrieve archived data for up to a year
  • No fee to provide transaction reports

In addition to saving a lot of money, Torani also enjoys budget predictability. They know how much they are going to spend on EDI every month, which allows them to plan their budgets more accurately in advance without worrying about random fees popping up unexpectedly.

Plus, Torani gets even more value for their money because of the added support and white-glove services provided by BOLD VAN. EDI compliance, trading partner onboarding, and EDI software are all included in their monthly VAN bill, instead of requiring them to pay extra.

Torani Now Gets the Personalized Support They Need

Technical support is included at no extra cost for all of our customers and Torani no longer has to worry about poor customer support. After migrating to BOLD VAN, we introduced Torani to their personal support rep, Beth, who has taken care of them ever since.

When Torani has a question about anything related to EDI, they can simply call or email Beth and get a quick response. Beth is familiar with Torani’s in-house EDI setup and their specific EDI needs, so she’s always ready to provide swift, personalized support as if she was a member of their team.

VAN reliability is no longer an issue for Torani because our VAN has a 99.998% uptime that keeps their B2B communications going around the clock. Since working with BOLD VAN, Torani has had zero issues with reliability or trading partner communication.

Torani also now has greater access to their EDI data through our cloud-based web portal – BOLD Manager. With the ability to see transmissions in real-time, the Torani team can track all of the activities in their supply and demand chains across the globe from their San Francisco office or anywhere on the go from a mobile device.

In Their Words…

While we love the monthly savings we experience, we value the support we receive more. We know that we can depend on BOLD VAN and that we can expect prompt and efficient support from Beth. EDI is not something that concerns us at Torani any longer. We are very happy to rely on our own EDI experts to figure it out.

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