BOLD VAN Helps Your Business Meet the EDI Requirements for CVS Approved Vendors

CVS Health is a chain of retail drug stores that generates over $150 billion in annual sales. In 2016, CVS Health ranked seventh on the Fortune 500 list and continues to drive innovation in their industry by removing tobacco products from their stores and doubling down on health initiatives.

Most of their retail stores include a pharmacy and sell other products such as over-the-counter medicine, beauty products, gifts, some food products, and convenience items. CVS requires their suppliers to use EDI, so your business will need to become EDI compliant to get approval as a new vendor.

Requirements for EDI Compliance with CVS:


  • 810 Invoice
  • 820 Remittance Advice
  • 824 Application Notice
  • 830 Planning Schedule
  • 850 Purchase Order
  • 852 Sales Product Activity Report
  • 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgement
  • 894 NEX Delivery/Return
  • 997 Functional Acknowledgement Document
  • GS1-128 shipping labels

BOLD VAN takes care of the setup and configuration for all of these requirements on your behalf!

Additional CVS Compliance Information:

CVS uses a cross docking logistics system that ships products from a contractor to their retail stores through a network of distribution centers. This system keeps inventory moving steadily and reduces costs by avoiding additional handling and storage time.

CVS uses both the SOPI and SOTPI formats for ASNs:

  • SOPI – Shipment, Order, Pack, and Item. (Pick and Pack) Used for shipments with more than one type of item.
  • SOTPI – Shipment, Order, Tare, Pack, and Item. Similar to SOPI, except the Packs are loaded onto one or more pallets.

CVS uses the GS1-128 shipping labels and the Advance Shipping Notice (ASN) transaction set to organize logistics for inventory.

All BOLD VAN Rates Include the Following White-Glove Services:

  • Provide you with necessary EDI Software
  • Install EDI Software on your site
  • Configure your VAN for EDI exchange with CVS
  • Work with you to test the VAN and all EDI protocols with CVS
  • Support and maintain EDI software on your site

Become EDI compliant with CVS by outsourcing your EDI to BOLD VAN!

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