BOLD VAN Helps You Meet All of the EDI Requirements from Kmart and Sears

Kmart is a big box retailer with revenues exceeding $25 billion. Since purchasing Sears, Kmart downsized their international footprint to 49 U.S. states, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Guam. The parent company that owns both the Kmart and Sears brands is Sears Holdings.

Despite closing many of their retail locations, Kmart is still one of the most attractive retailers for consumer product suppliers. The EDI compliance for becoming an approved vendor for Kmart and Sears has similar EDI requirements.

Requirements for EDI Compliance with Kmart and Sears:


  • 810 Invoice
  • 812 Credit Debit Adjustment
  • 816 Organizational Relationships
  • 820 Payment Remittance Advice
  • 830 Planning Schedule with Release Capability
  • 846 Inventory Inquiry Advice
  • 850 Purchase Order
  • 852 Product Activity Data
  • 855 Purchase Order Response
  • 856 Advanced Ship Notice
  • 860 Purchase Order Change
  • 864 Text Message
  • 867 Product Transfer and Reorder
  • 869 Order Status Inquiry
  • 870 Order Status
  • 879 Price Change UCS
  • 997 Acknowledgement Document
  • GS1-128 shipping labels

When you rely on BOLD VAN for your EDI services, you won’t have to mess with the setup and configuration of any of these requirements.

Common Label Requirements from Kmart and Sears

Kmart and Sears use both the SOPI and SOTI ASN formats:

  • SOPI – Shipment, Order, Pack, and Item. (Pick and Pack) Used primarily for shipments of more than one item type.
  • SOTI – Shipment, Order, Tare, and Item. Mostly used for shipments of one item type.

Common label types for Kmart include:

  • Pack 1 SKU
  • Tare 1 SKU
  • Combo PACK
  • Combo TARE
  • Pallet Only
  • Carton Only
  • EMP Pack

Common label types for Sears include:

  • Direct to Store – Pack 1 SKU
  • Direct to Store – Tare 1 SKU
  • Direct to Store – Pack Multiple
  • Direct to Store – Tare Multiple
  • JIT – Carton Only
  • JIT – Pallet Only
  • Reverse Combo – PACK

When You Trust BOLD VAN With Your EDI, We Will:

  • Provide you with necessary EDI Software
  • Install EDI Software on your site
  • Configure your VAN for EDI exchange with Kmart
  • Work with you to test the VAN and all EDI protocols with Kmart
  • Support and maintain EDI software on your site

Let BOLD VAN handle your EDI compliance for both Kmart and Sears!

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