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EDI VAN for Shopbop Suppliers

Since its founding in 1999, and more notably since its acquisition by Amazon in 2006, Shopbop has become a premier online source for clothing, apparel, and accessories produced by over a thousand unique brands. Like any retail trading partner, though, Shopbop has very specific electronic data interchange (EDI) requirements. Keeping various competing standards and pieces of data organized while complying with those requirements is never a simple task for any business.

Bold VAN has the experience and technical expertise necessary to ensure your enterprise has no problems whatsoever with Shopbop EDI. If you need assistance keeping your vendor relationship with Shopbop on track, we can provide the solutions you need and help your business continue to have a lucrative relationship with this major online retailer.

What Are Shopbop’s EDI Requirements?

As established in their Vendor Operations Manual, Shopbop has very strict criteria for how vendors and clients must send and process invoices, what information must be included in each invoice, and even who they allow to access their internal EDI invoice processing. Among other requirements, Shopbop mandates that their EDI trading partners be capable of processing the following:

  • EDI 810 – Invoice, pending Shopbop accounting approval
  • EDI 846 – Inventory Advice, if requested by Shopbop
  • EDI 850 – Purchase Order
  • EDI 856 – Advance Ship Notice/Manifest
  • EDI 860 – Purchase Order Change—Buyer Initiated
  • EDI 997 – Functional Acknowledgement (Send & Receive)

Automating this system through an EDI VAN is vital for companies like Shopbop, as it allows them to track and manage client relationships in real time without having to worry about competing or conflicting data standards. Shopbop will only provide electronic invoicing and other forms of EDI access upon request, subject to their approval of the applicant’s eligibility for their EDI program.

Benefits of Working With Bold VAN

Working with an EDI VAN service provider can help you integrate into Shopbop’s EDI more smoothly, and Bold VAN can provide you benefits when it comes to Shopbop EDI that no competitor can offer. First and foremost, we are a preferred Shopbop EDI vendor, and we have extensive experience working with them that we could apply towards ensuring your company’s transition into their program goes smoothly.

On top of that, our unique Trading Partner Pricing will keep your budget predictable, even as your business expands. Finally, we can not only get you connected to Shopbop and up in the cloud, but also help with SSCS, UPS, and FedEx labeling needs, as well as packs lists and bills of lading.

Contact Bold VAN for Assistance with Shopbop EDI

Shopbop is not a leading brand in the online fashion industry by accident. The rigor with which they establish, manage, and enforce EDI compliance plays a big role in their success. If you want to work well with this company and increase your unique brand’s chances of success, you will want assistance from seasoned EDI professionals who have a long track record of working closely with Shopbop.

The help you may need with Shopbop EDI—as well as all your other electronic data interchange needs—is available from Bold VAN. Contact us today to learn more.