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Understanding EDI 214 Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Message

Posted Sunday, March 26, 2023 in Compliance

The EDI 214 Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Message provides accurate information about a shipment’s location and status at any time.

This document has many benefits, including knowing which carriers will help the supplier deliver the goods efficiently. After all, supply chain partners put on-time delivery at the top of the list, as highlighted in this 2022 shippers survey. (Survey information gathered by FreightWaves and Redwood Logistics.)

Who sends Carrier Shipment Status Messages? 

Transportation carriers usually send this electronic data interchange transaction set to the shipper and receiver as an update on the delivery status. 

What information does EDI 214 convey?

An EDI 214 document may contain any of the following details:

  • Address of shipment origin
  • Shipment location when the message is sent (this could be an address or coordinates)
  • Estimated pick-up date and time
  • Estimated delivery date and time
  • Proof of delivery details: location, signature
  • Shipment status details 
  • Weight, quantity, packaging, and other shipment details

Does EDI 214 require a reply?

You may send an EDI Functional Acknowledgement reply to the EDI 214 document. Some trading partners require the response, whereas some do not. 

Benefits of Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Messages: Carriers

Prove their worth

Transportation carriers and trucking companies may use EDI 214 to tell clients, “look at what we did!” Meaning: The EDI 214 is proof of consistent shipping and delivery and will help to maintain partnerships. 

Get paid faster

Furthermore, EDI 214 provides real-time information that helps to eliminate invoice woes. Sometimes what is on the PO may differ from what is on the truck. Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Messages communicate what is actually in the shipment. 

Invoice discrepancies delay payments because extra time is necessary to confirm the details. Carriers avoid this issue with the EDI 214, and they recognize revenue quickly. 

Superb customer service

EDI 214s significantly reduce customer service calls. The customer will know where the order is — calling the carrier won’t be necessary. 

In turn, carriers may focus on the shipments running into issues, troubleshooting early and often with their new bandwidth. 

Benefits of Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Messages: Retailers

Warehouse and store staffing

Late shipments cause a bevy of issues for receiving. For example, you may find a manager cringing when they staff the warehouse or store for a big load, only to learn it’s a day behind after everyone clocks in. But EDI 214s offer the most accurate picture of where the trucks are and when they will arrive so that managers can staff confidently. 

No more verification calls

When the EDI 214 is not in play, retailers must contact their suppliers to inquire about the delivery timeframe. Hence, the 214 messages remove that step — freeing up precious time on the retail side.

Benefits of Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Messages: Suppliers

Many of the reasons stated above apply to suppliers as well. 

Pay invoices confidently

Suppliers use the EDI 214 to substantiate that the carrier services rendered match what is on the EDI 210 invoice. 

Evaluate carrier performance

Late shipments can damage the retailer/supplier relationship. But the EDI 214 message is a quick way for the supplier to see when a carrier is missing the mark by consistently arriving later than promised. Then, the supplier can take action and put the carrier “on notice” or find a new company to entrust their cargo.

Getting Started with Carrier Shipment Status Message

Outsourcing your EDI to BOLD VAN has many advantages compared to building a dedicated EDI team in-house. 

For example, when a trader partner requirement changes, EDI maps have to be adjusted. Incorrect mapping causes an EDI 214 to fail. Allow BOLD VAN to handle the upkeep for you.

Find out what we can do to assist with EDI 214 compliance — call 844-509-0942 or email info@boldvan.com. Whether it’s EDI for TargetKroger Co.CostcoHome Depot, we have you covered. We offer a three-month trial and an EDI-compliant shipping module called DES.

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