Revolutionary Pricing, Nearly 3 Decades of Experience, and Client Centric Support

We are an EDI service provider with transparent pricing on a robust Value-added Network. We offer a variety of EDI solutions including an EDI cloud solution that is fully hosted. Our network supports every EDI protocol including the widely used AS2, X12,  FTP, and HTTP to name a few.

After over 25 years in the EDI field, we decided it was time for a change. BOLD VAN is the first Value-added Network to offer Trading Partner based pricing. With BOLD VAN, you can transfer unlimited data over our VAN and are only charged by the number of Trading Partners. The days of tallying up data (Kilo Character Counting) to figure out your EDI bills are over. This BOLD change is cutting companies’ EDI costs up to 80%. We pride ourselves on being EDI pioneers.

BOLD VAN is revolutionizing EDI, are you?

  • First VAN to mass market Trading Partner based pricing
  • First VAN to mass market Unlimited Data
  • First VAN to provide free onsite AS2 solution
  • Integrated Hosted Solutions
  • Modern Web Portal to manage and retrieve data
  • Team of EDI experts with over 25 years of experience
  • Unparalleled Client-focused Service
  • Documented success with companies of all sizes


Delivering cutting-edge EDI solutions and client-focused support, BOLD VAN is exceeding clients’ expectations. Data flows across our lightning-fast Value-added Network with an uptime of over 99.998%, impressing industry leaders everywhere. BOLD VAN has support staff in three U.S. time zones and Europe.
BOLD VAN connects Established Enterprises with essential customers (along with their trading partner communities) because of the reliability, expertise, and stability coming from a company focused on service and competence.

New to EDI?

BOLD VAN founded its mastery of EDI on over 25 years in the field. Since 1999, we have been architecting complete, open, and tightly integrated solutions that are built specifically for the needs of individual clients. More than a Value-added Network, BOLD VAN is also a Hosted Solution for companies that don’t want the expense and headache of implementing a new EDI system. We make EDI accessible and transparent.
BOLD is better. Let’s connect.

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