Reliably transmit and receive EDI.

It’s time to migrate to an EDI VAN with transparent pricing, award-winning support, and unprecedented visibility and access to EDI data.

Enterprise-level companies exchanging thousands of interchanges every day on our network.

They moved. What’s stopping you?

It’s obvious why medium to enterprise-level companies everywhere are switching their EDI VAN service to BOLD VAN.

Trading Partner Pricing

BOLD VAN’s unique pricing model is saving companies up to 82% on their EDI costs.

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Integrated Solutions

Harness the power of integrated EDI solutions by utilizing BOLD Integrations. 

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Seamless Migration

We onboard all trading partners at no charge. No need to change IDs or contact partners

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Data Accessibility

Access and manage all EDI data from any device for 90 days. Data is available for 7 years.

Reliable VAN

Get and keep your data moving forward with BOLD VAN's 99.9999% uptime guarantee.

Cloud or Hosted

We offer both Web­-based EDI or self hosted solutions allowing remarkable EDI data management from any device.

Razor® Migrated to BOLD VAN

“We were concerned about interruptions to service when switching VANs. BOLD VAN’s efficient and transparent migration process put us at ease without disruption to our partners.”

-Paul Chan, CTO

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SPANX® Migrated to BOLD VAN

“The pricing scale and product offerings were a step above all the VANs we researched”

-Melvin Hacket, EDI Manager

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Endust® Migrated to BOLD VAN

“BOLD VAN’s web portal grants us the solution to quickly resolve trading partner issues while giving us the real-time visibility”

-Sarah Trumbull, CFO

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Torani® Migrated to BOLD VAN

“EDI is not something that concerns us at Torani any longer. We are very happy to rely on our own EDI experts to figure it out”

-Sylvie Mwila Jonath, CIO

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Seamless Migration

Simple and Fast Migration Process. No Service Interruptions. Migration Status Visibility.

1. Create Mailbox
Provide you with your user ID, password, and access to your web portal, BOLD Manager.

2. Establish EDI IDs
Choose between gaining a new EDI ID or migrating your existing EDI ID.

3. Test Communications
Discover and test your preferred communication methods (FTP, SFTP, web services or AS2).

4. Confirm Connections
Migrating to BOLD VAN is transparent to your trading partners. No change is needed from them.

5. Migration Visibility
See the status of migration with each of your trading partners on BOLD Manager.

Learn how easy migrating to BOLD VAN will be for your company


Trading Partner Pricing

Simple and Fast Migration Process. No Service Interruptions. Migration Status Visibility.


$49 per trading partner
per month

1-9 trading partners

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$39 per trading partner
per month

10-34trading partners

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$29 per trading partner
per month

35-100trading partners

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More than 100 Trading Partners?

Inquire with us about our Enterprise pricing plan.


Compliance and Connectivity 

For all of your Trading Partners

And millions more!

BOLD Solutions

Because enterprise-level needs demand enterprise-engineered solutions

Distribution Enablement System

The EDI Warehouse Management Solution you need to optimize your warehouse

EDI compliance
Ship your own products
Carrier integrations
Comprehensive visibility

“Between the gained visibility, our new and efficient order fulfillment processes, and the automation with our carriers and customers, we grabbed much more than we hoped for with BOLD DES.”

-Paul Chan, Razor® CTO

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BOLD Parcel

A parcel auditing platform automatically securing your refund credits back to your UPS, FedEx, and DHL Express accounts.

100% Automated
Secured refunds
Access from any device
Informative reporting

You are likely entitled to UPS and FedEx refunds. Find out for free!