7 Reasons More Companies Prefer Web-Based EDI Solutions

EDI is MobileDiscover a Faster, More Cost-Effective EDI Solution

As EDI technology evolves, more companies are switching from older EDI applications to web-based EDI solutions.

In fact, most business software has transitioned to a web-based format because it provides several advantages over software that you would directly install on your computer.

Whether you have a small business, or you’re part of a large enterprise, web-based EDI simply makes more sense. Below are seven reasons so many organizations agree.

Web-based EDI is Easy1. No Software to Install, Configure, or Update

Unlike traditional EDI software, you don’t have to worry about installation and configuration. All you have to do is log into your account, and you’re good to go from day one.
You also don’t have to worry about staying on top of updates because your EDI provider will do that for you. This eliminates all of the technicality from the software components of EDI.

Web-based EDI is Inexpensive2. Lower Cost

Since all-in-one EDI providers typically offer web-based EDI software, the cost of the software is already included in the monthly service rate. Otherwise, purchasing the software to build an in-house EDI system would be more costly upfront.

However, the real cost savings comes in the form of the time you save yourself or the labor costs associated with paying someone to setup and configure the software for your organization.

Web-based EDI is Mobile-Friendly3. Mobile Friendly

Thanks to modern smartphones, digital fax services, and cloud storage, we’ve finally reached a point where running a business from a cell phone is not only realistic, it’s practical. Web-based EDI software has the advantage of working on any mobile device with a web browser.

Whether you use iOS, Android, or anything else, you will get the same mobile experience because web-based EDI software doesn’t require a specific app to use. That means you can manage all of your EDI transactions and access stored data from your phone, anytime, anywhere.

Web-based EDI Cloud4. The Cloud

You want to look for a web-based EDI provider that uses cloud technology in their EDI solution because the cloud makes a tremendous difference. The cloud stores the software and all of your EDI data, so you don’t have to use any storage space on your computer or mobile device.

Essentially, the cloud makes EDI software lighter and faster for the end user. The cloud also provides secure storage for your valuable EDI data that’s monitored 24/7, lowering the risk of a security breach that could occur if you had that data stored on multiple devices.

Web-based EDI is Scalable5. Scalability

Web-based EDI software is incredibly flexible and built to scale. If you’re using a provider such as BOLD VAN, you will have full access to enterprise-level features even if you have a small company with minimal EDI transactions.

On the other hand, large enterprises can rely on web-based EDI to handle massive volumes of EDI transactions with ease because our system is designed to support thousands of businesses and we regularly upgrade our network as new technology becomes available.

Web-based EDI is Quick6. Quick Solution

Time is money, and with affordable EDI solutions readily available it makes more sense to get started with EDI in minutes, instead of waiting weeks or months to develop an in-house EDI system. Most web-based EDI solutions only require you to have internet access and an email address to get started.

Web-based EDI has Support7. Additional EDI Support

Perhaps the most important reason companies prefer web-based EDI solutions is the extra support that comes along with their EDI service. However, this will vary widely by EDI providers.

When our clients sign up for our web-based EDI solution, they are outsourcing ALL of their EDI needs to our team of EDI experts. In addition to a powerful and reliable EDI network, they have access to first-class support for EDI compliance, new trading partner onboarding, and help with any business questions related to EDI.

As you can imagine, the additional EDI support is invaluable for the long-term use of EDI in your business operations, and we are happy to provide this additional support at no extra cost to businesses who take advantage of our incredibly cost-effective EDI service.

Learn more about BOLD VAN’s web-based EDI solution.

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