How to Cut Your Monthly EDI Bill in Half

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Migrate to BOLD VAN and Enjoy Lower EDI VAN Prices

As VAN prices continue to soar, now is the time to consider whether or not you’re overpaying for your EDI service.

Many years ago, operating a VAN was very expensive, which is why EDI VAN providers had to charge a high price to make a profit. However, in recent years the raw costs of maintaining a VAN have gone down, but most VAN providers have continued to increase the price they charge their customers.

The founders of BOLD VAN followed this trend closely and saw an opportunity to disrupt an old industry with established players by offering a pricing model that makes sense for both the VAN and the end-users.

Why BOLD VAN is Better Than Your Old VAN

BOLD VAN is a flexible all-in-one EDI provider. We can replace your entire EDI department or you can keep your in-house EDI system and only use our VAN to exchange B2B documents.

The primary feature that distinguishes BOLD VAN from other VAN services is that we are the first and only EDI VAN to offer Trading Partner Pricing. Whereas most EDI providers make you pay a fee-per-kilo-character, we give you UNLIMITED monthly EDI data and only charge a flat, tiered rate based on the number of active trading partners in your network each month.

Businesses that use lots of EDI data each month typically see dramatic savings on their monthly EDI bill after switching to our VAN. Since your price only goes up when you add more trading partners, our VAN service is more scalable because you only pay more when you’ve expanded your business (and likely have a higher IT budget).

Some common fees we DO NOT charge:

  • We do not charge interconnect fees
  • We do not charge a fee to retrieve old data (up to a year)
  • We do not charge a fee to provide transaction reports

Services included with our VAN:

  • EDI compliance
  • First-class technical support
  • Cloud-based EDI management solution
  • All trading partner onboarding (AS2, VAN, direct FTP connections)
  • Of course, migrating to BOLD VAN is as simple as it gets.

BOLD VAN is more than a VAN provider – we can provide as little or as much EDI support as your organization needs. For businesses with an in-house EDI infrastructure, you will find our VAN support more than accommodating.

The Simple BOLD VAN Migration Process

  1. We will determine how you are currently exchanging data with your trading partners (via FTP, AS2, or VAN)
  2. You can choose between migrating your existing EDI ID or we will assign you a new EDI ID
  3. We will collect a list of your trading partners’ EDI IDs and qualifiers from you
  4. You will select your connection method with Bold VAN: FTP, SFTP, web services or AS2 – then we’ll test connectivity
  5. We will provide you with a VAN authorization letter
  6. The migration is done at the VAN level – as long as you don’t change your EDI ID, your trading partners will not need to be notified
  7. You can test the entire end-to-end process before going live
  8. On migration day, you can log into BOLD Manager and see your EDI transmissions

Common Concerns About VAN Migration

We understand how important EDI is to your daily business operations. Fortunately, migrating VANs is a pain-free process that doesn’t put your B2B communication in jeopardy.

  Can we migrate all of our trading partners at once?
Yes, you can migrate all of your trading partners at once or you can choose to do a phased migration while still using your old VAN.

We can discuss the pros and cons to help you decide which approach is right for your organization.

  Can we monitor the VAN migration process?
Yes, we have a cloud-based EDI solution that provides a useful visibility tool for monitoring the onboarding of your trading partners as we move them to our VAN.

  What happens to my EDI service during the migration process?
You can rest at ease – we ensure ZERO RISK of trading partner communication or data loss throughout the VAN migration process.

If you have any other questions or concerns, or you would like to learn more about migrating to BOLD VAN, we would love to hear from you.

Click here to get in touch with us!

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