How The Cloud Has Transformed B2B Sales and Operations

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How The Cloud Transformed B2BThe Cloud Makes Business Operations Faster and Customer Interactions More Convenient and Personalized

Cloud technology has dramatically improved the way we do business – as providers and as customers. Not only has it made our lives easier, but the cloud has made our businesses more powerful.

Today, countless cloud-based business software applications work to quickly scale to accommodate small businesses and large enterprises under one platform. The cloud has rapidly become a fundamental feature in modern business software, and it’s becoming difficult to imagine not using the cloud on a daily basis.

The three things that make the cloud shine are speed, convenience, and, more recently, personalization.

The Cloud Makes Business Faster

Speed is an important factor for staying competitive in the digital age. Cloud computing increases speed by centralizing data and providing greater access to products and services.

The cloud also allows real-time collaboration. Whenever files are added or updated in the cloud, everyone on your team who has access will see the latest version of those files. There’s no need to email files back and forth, wasting precious time.

Another way that the cloud speeds things up is by decreasing the amount of physical assets each business requires. Growing businesses in the past would have to invest in a large infrastructure to support business activities and store data, but now that burden is passed onto cloud providers. This allows your business to get access to better technology, quicker.

The Cloud is More Convenient for Customers

Companies like Amazon and Zappos have changed the way we shop. Even B2B customers are looking for an Amazon-like experience when they research and purchase business products and services.

Savvy companies are leveraging cloud technology to offer convenient solutions and to better serve their customers. For example, our EDI services utilize cloud technology to provide BOLD VAN clients 24/7 access to EDI data from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. You no longer have to be at the office to access necessary files and get work done.

B2B products and services are largely commoditized, but one selling point that’s proven itself time and again is convenience.

The Cloud Makes Business Personal Again

Thanks to the internet, business can be conducted on a massive scale. Instead of being confined to the market surrounding your brick and mortar store, you can set up shop online and sell to customers around the world.

Since technology has made it easier to conduct business on a larger scale with more people, human interaction has decreased significantly. As a result, the human touch involved in business interactions has diminished.

However, that’s quickly changing thanks to modern business software using cloud technology. Cloud-based platforms available today are built to support complex pricing models and diverse product portfolios, delivering custom experiences to different sets of customers.

CRM’s like Salesforce, and other sales and marketing platforms, are always adapting to the behavior of leads and clients in real-time. All of this data is updated and stored in the cloud.

By the time a lead talks to a B2B salesperson on the phone, the sales rep likely knows which pages the lead has visited on the company’s website, general demographic information about that lead, and a timeline of interactions that lead has had with the company. This makes it easy for the sales rep to customize their pitch to that lead’s specific interests and concerns – creating a personalized experience.

BOLD VAN offers a variety of EDI solutions also dedicated to making your business more efficient. From cloud-based to a full EDI system implementation, we’ve got the right solution for you. Speak to an EDI Solutions Specialist today  844-265-3777.

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