Say Goodbye to Flat Files: Finally, an EDI Cloud Solution That Truly Integrates

Is your EDI Value-added Network transferring your data and then leaving you with just that, data?

EDI VANs are meant to be making your life easier. Translating an EDI file and leaving you with a flat file to integrate is hardly taking the headaches (and added expenses) out of EDI.


There is inherent value in partnering with a VAN that integrates your EDI data into your Visual Manufacturing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). The integration piece of the EDI puzzle is always difficult and challenging for companies. Being able to read and manage your EDI data right away saves you the expense of hiring additional staff to integrate data. Also, being able to handle transferred data instantly will lead to better relationships with your trading partners.

Integration included in your EDI cloud solution means:

EDI data from trading partners integrates right into your Visual Manufacturing. You no longer wait for flat files to integrate. You can manage and read them right away meaning you identify and solve problems faster, and you realize successful transmissions quicker.
Simpler business is better business.

True value is experienced. Receiving sales orders created by trading partners in a hands-off environment equates to faster cash cycles and happier trading partners. Plus, you save the expense of having staff integrate the data manually.

Documents and Data are easily visible and managed. BOLD VAN’s cloud solution service extracts data directly from Visual Manufacturing and your Warehouse Management System and sends trading partners Advanced Ship Notices and the corresponding outbound invoices. Our cloud solution provides an expedited ROI (Return On Investment) while giving you immediate access to manage documents that are no longer formatted in unreadable flat file data. This type of cutting-edge efficiency gives you a competitive edge making you very attractive for potential trading partners.

Simply having to approve EDI data that is already in Visual Manufacturing is an industry changing benefit when partnering with a cloud solution that includes integration. One that you should expect. Not having to hire integration staff, nor outsourcing to a third-party integration service are exceptional concepts.

EDI data integration technology is getting better and better too. There are now portals (like BOLD VAN’s BOLD Manager) where you can watch and read the data in real-time from any device in a readable format. Intuitive features are the expectation in all technology industries. EDI should be no different. Easier is better.

An EDI integrated cloud solution with Visual Manufacturing technology has arrived.

Don’t get left behind.

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