Why It May Be Time To Get Rid of Your EDI Translator

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From Enterprises to Startups, Companies are Relying on Value-Added Networks (EDI VANs) rather than EDI Translation Software

You want the ability to manage and access your electronic data interchange (EDI) data. EDI translation software or an EDI translation service is a conventional solution many companies utilize to accomplish this objective.

But, is EDI translation software necessary?

What is an EDI Translator

EDI translation software changes–translates–the format of your EDI data. EDI data translation may occur with both incoming and outgoing data.

If you want to send an invoice from your ERP to your trading partner, you must format the invoice into an EDI 810 or your trading partners required format before transmission will be successful. Conversely, when receiving an EDI 850 (purchase order), if you want this document integrated into your ERP, it will need to be translated into the format of your ERP.

EDI translation software is one way of successfully transmitting documents.

Why Many Companies are Moving Away From Translation EDI Software

Lowering EDI Costs

Implementing and maintaining your in-house EDI translation usually carries a hefty price tag. You will need to purchase the software and possibly update the software in which the EDI translator will integrate with. Also, your hardware must be able to support the new translation software as well as your existing software and may need to be updated as well.

EDI protocols and standards are continually being modified in a regulated environment meaning your software will all require maintenance and upgrades.

Spanx lowered their EDI cost by 83%

Unburdening IT Teams

If you are managing EDI transmission in-house, your IT team is involved. If you are translating EDI data, your IT team’s involvement is essential.

Many businesses dedicate part of their IT team to manage their EDI systems full time.

As you look through reviews of EDI translation software, complaints on ease-of-use are ubiquitous. The complicated software requires your IT team to assist in elementary EDI data management.

Common IT burdens created by in-house:

  • Implementing software
  • Integrating Platforms
  • Retrieving documents
  • Trader partner onboarding
  • Troubleshooting Transmissions
  • Creating and testing EDI maps

Not to mention the challenge of remaining current with EDI compliance requirements for each of your trading partners.

Your Needs May Not Require EDI Translation Software

While it may appear that every medium to enterprise level business utilizes EDI translation software, it is not the case. There are scenarios in which your company may not need EDI translation at all.

You exchange a limited number of EDI documents

Some enterprise level companies exchange a single EDI document (or very few) with trading partners. In this case, reading and managing EDI data in its original format is manageable.

You exchange EDI data with a limited number of trading partners

Fewer trading partners mean you are managing few EDI data protocols (formats) and EDI standards (documents). If you find your company in this situation, you may not be able to justify maintaining and operating EDI translation software any longer.

You do not have the personnel to support the software

Even if your company has an IT team in place, they may not be familiar with electronic data interchange (EDI), let alone integrating EDI translation software.

BOLD VAN is your long-term solution

EDI VANs are an ideal solution for any size business. Outsourcing to an EDI VAN is an efficient and cost-effective alternative to EDI translation software.

When outsourcing to BOLD VAN, you are partnering with a team of EDI experts for a fraction of the cost of translation software. You obtain live visibility to your exchanging EDI data through our web portal, BOLD MANAGER. You also gain simple document retrieval at no extra charge for up to 12 months.

Whether you need to simply exchange EDI data or require a tightly integrated EDI solution, BOLD VAN will migrate you and have you operating seamlessly and without interrupting your EDI communication. Plus, we will make sure you are current with EDI compliance and regulations.

You will not need to purchase software or update hardware switching to BOLD VAN. We have a cloud solution you can access from any device.


There’s Even More That BOLD VAN Can Do For You.

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