Migrating to BOLD VAN is Simple. Be BOLD!

Security and Reliability, Award-Winning Service, No Hidden Fees and Unlimited EDI Data

Dependability through Experience

You can rely on BOLD VAN as EDI experts with nearly 3 decades of EDI experience.

Predictable Pricing

Know exactly what your bill will be every month. You value transparency. So do we.

Unprecedented Scalability

As you add more trading partners, your per trading partner price decreases

Service, Not Fees

The support you need shouldn’t cost you more. Enjoy responsive and available support.

EDI Has Evolved. So Have We.

When EDI technology was still relatively new and less common, it was quite expensive to operate and maintain the Value Added Network. For EDI VAN providers to make a profit, they had to charge higher rates to their customers.

Things have changed over the last decade. VANs have grown significantly more affordable to maintain. However, other EDI service providers refuse to pass those savings along to their customers.

EDI is a critical technology that businesses rely on for their day-to-day operations, which leaves them feeling trapped with their current EDI VAN. If you are like many businesses, you were not prepared for the abundant amount of hidden fees that most EDI providers charge.

Fortunately, we have a better solution for your EDI needs, and you won’t  have to worry about an interruption in EDI service when you make the switch.

No more unnecessary fees.

  • No initial setup or contract termination fees
  • No interconnect or overage fees
  • No fees for unique data formats
  • No fee to retrieve archived data for up to a year
  • No fee to provide transaction reports

While other well-known EDI services are increasing their fees, BOLD VAN is constantly looking for ways to provide more value for less money. In fact, our clients enjoy complimentary white-glove services in which other EDI Providers charge.

Our Simple Migration Process

There are a couple of ways to approach your VAN migration. You have the option to keep your old VAN and execute a phased approach by migrating one partner at a time or you can migrate all of your trading partners at once. We will help you decide which option is best for your particular situation.

1. Create Mailbox
Provide your user ID, password, and access to our web portal, BOLD Manager.

2. Test Communications
Discover and test preferred communication methods (FTP, SFTP, web services or AS2).

3. Confirm Connections
Migrating to BOLD VAN is transparent to your trading partners.  No change is needed from them.

4. Provide Visibility
See status of migration with each of your trading partners on BOLD Manager.

5. Establish EDI IDs
Choose between migrating your existing EDI ID or we will a new EDI ID.


The migration is done at the VAN level – this process is entirely transparent to your trading partner community.

Our cloud-based EDI portal, BOLD Manager, provides a visibility tool that allows you to see when your trading partners are moved to our network and when you are receiving data from them.

Save Money

Important Information if You Want to Migrate All Trading Partners at Once

  • There is no interruption of service
  • You will select the date and time of new service start
  • We will send authorization letters to the VAN(s) 5-7 days in advance indicating date to begin the routing of data to BOLD VAN

There is zero risk of data loss or disruption to your existing trading partner communication during the migration process! 

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