One of our goals as an EDI provider is to make EDI as simple as possible for your business. EDI implementation and being “EDI capable” are two things our customers never have to worry about because we handle everything for you.

Our onboarding process gets you connected to your trading partners quickly. When operating your EDI service from the cloud, there’s no additional software or hardware for you to install and configure. All you need is an internet connection and an email address with our web-based EDI solution.

A Complicated Process

What Does it Mean to be EDI Capable?

There’s a growing number of companies that require all of their suppliers/vendors to be EDI capable before becoming a trading partner. Being EDI capable means you have the ability to send and receive EDI documents.

Companies that require EDI capability do so because EDI optimizes the exchange of information. However, implementing EDI can be expensive and a hassle.

Becoming EDI capable requires:

  • Purchase, installation, and configuration of EDI software
  • Configuration of mail boxing for EDI transactions
  • Compliance for VAN (value-added network), AS2, and/or FTP communication (as required by trading partners)
  • Purchase, installation, and configuration of hardware (server, peripherals, etc.)
  • Setup and configuration of digital security and backup solutions to protect data
  • Purchase, installation, and configuration of mapping and translation software
  • Investment in employee or personal training for EDI communication
  • Building and testing maps for each EDI trading partner

BOLD VAN provides a complete turnkey solution allowing you to avoid all of these steps and become EDI capable without worrying about any of the technical headaches.

Business Success with EDI

EDI Implementation by BOLD VAN

We ensure your business is EDI capable in a short amount of time and set you up to exchange all types of EDI data. We handle the entire process of EDI implementation for you.

As opposed to building a dedicated EDI team in-house, outsourcing your EDI to BOLD VAN has many favorable advantages:

You don’t have to hire and train new employees
There’s no investment required for EDI hardware and software
No sign up, setup, or migration fees
We regularly update and optimize your EDI systems for you
Document flow between your business and trading partners is automated
Best of all, we do all of the setup and testing for new trading partners.

Fast EDI Implementation

How Long Does EDI Implementation Take?

EDI implementation can take up to a week or more when doing everything yourself, but with BOLD VAN, you should be up and running in one business day.

If your business is implementing EDI for the first time, we’ll ensure you’re compliant for all of the requirements of each trading partner. For companies switching to BOLD VAN from another EDI service provider, we provide seamless migration that doesn’t interrupt the flow of business for you or your trading partners.

Once we’ve got everything configured, we’ll test your EDI connections to confirm you are successfully synced with all trading partners and ready to exchange EDI data.

Getting started with EDI is quick and easy when you’ve got BOLD VAN on your side!