How it Works

How Bold VAN works.

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Simply sign up and your mailbox will be created and activated.
Complete your profile to configure your mailbox for your trading partners. From there, we handle the entire process, contacting the other VANs, configuring AS2, etc. This process is transparent to your existing VAN trading partners; you do not need to change ID’s. If you are new to EDI we will help assign your ID’s and walk you through the entire process.

AS2 Trading Partners

If you trade with Wal-Mart or another AS2 trading partner, our AS2 specialists will work with you and your trading partner to quickly onboard the connection.

You do not need to move your current AS2 trading partners to Bold VAN. However, many companies find that, with Bold VAN pricing, it is advantageous to move AS2 to Bold VAN in order to:

  • Standardize all communications
  • Eliminate annual AS2 licensing fees and reduce the number of servers to maintain
  • Eliminate support issues and challenges with firewalls, certificates, on-boarding

If you migrate to Bold VAN you will still be AS2 with your trading partners, but you will receive all data from the VAN, regardless of protocol.

As part of your profile setup, you can select from a variety of methods to communicate with Bold VAN, including our easy to use data mover. Our data mover is secure and will be sent to you preconfigured to communicate with your mailbox. Other options include FTP, AS2, web services, and others.
Our modern portal provides visibility to your data. Within the portal you can search, view and reprocess documents. Unlike other VAN’s our portal has access to data for minimum of 90 days.

You can search by any combination of:

  • Trading partner
  • Date range
  • Transaction set
  • Control number
We will work with you to schedule your go-live day. All of your VAN trading partners will be configured to trade with you via Bold VAN at that time. We are here to help every step of the way.

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