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Put an End to the Kilo Character Madness!

BOLD VAN is the world’s FIRST and ONLY
EDI VAN that lets you pay by the trading partner.

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No more excessive EDI Value Added Network charges.

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Join Thousands of Companies, sending millions of interchanges every month, on the EDI VAN that boasts better than 99.998% up-time since 2001.

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The FIRST VAN to let you pay by trading partner

Save 40% - 80% over other EDI VAN Providers.


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Setup is FAST and EASY!

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Why you'll love BOLD VAN.

We are the first and only EDI company to mass market trading partner pricing with no limit on data.

You want to cut costs and increase revenue. BOLD VAN does both. Connect to your most important EDI trading partners and save Money. Because we do not count kilo characters there is no limit on the amount of data you exchange on our EDI VAN.

BOLD VAN is built on a platform that boasts > 99.998% uptime. Already, tens of thousands of trading partners exchange millions of interchanges each month on our EDI value added network.

BOLD VAN provides the ability to view EDI documents, reset documents and much more via the web. These documents are available for 90 days. In addition, we store our
customer data for 7 years.

Have you looked at your VAN bill lately? Do you know what all those charges are for?
Simple is better.

Migrating to BOLD VAN is easy and free. You don’t have to change your ID’s or contact your trading partners. All of the work is done by BOLD VAN and is transparent to your VAN customers, vendors, and other trading partners.

You are here at the right time.
Move to the best EDI Value Added Network today and lock in our best pricing for as long as you are a customer.

  • Our distribution is done through a few, high volume trading partners. By moving to Bold VAN we saved $150,000 over 3 years.

    CTO, Global Consumer Products Company
  • We have had zero issues, which is critical to an automotive supplier. I recommend Bold VAN to anyone looking for a reliable VAN.

    CIO, Tier One Automotive Supplier
  • When we landed Wal-Mart we had no idea how to communicate electronically with them, but Bold Van setup our AS2 connection in a single day.

    IT Director, Grower

Pay by the trading partner,

not the kilo character.

Unlimited EDI VAN data for one low price. Even if you think your bill is low, you will be blown away by BOLD VAN.