EDI Security, Protecting Your Data

Is my Data Secure in an EDI VAN?

Data breaches have become a regular occurrence in recent years, and companies are having to tighten down security measures to keep their data safe. Retailers have been especially susceptible to data breaches, but companies in every industry should be concerned about the security of their information.

Compliance standards are tightening across many industries, and it’s unclear which industries will be experiencing new compliance requirements next. Retailers and retail suppliers should be prepared to comply with new regulations, but simply being compliant won’t be enough to ensure your data is secure. Additional steps will have to be taken to guarantee that your data is safe.

Regulations Don’t Secure the Back Door

Just because you’ve complied with data security regulations doesn’t mean your interactions with your vendors are safe. Regulations are concerned with protecting your business on the front lines, not data that moves through your supply chain.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Value Added Networks (VAN) are a simple to implement and cost-effective way to securely transfer and store your data. Not only do EDI VANs provide data security, but they also optimize your supply chain and keep your company compliant.

How EDI VANs Keep Data Secure

A value-added network is an inherently secure EDI network that allows two parties to securely exchange documents and data. EDI VANs allow business partners to send and receive messages, producing a full audit trail.

Other Ways EDI VANs Provide Security to Users:

Encryption: EDI data gets converted into a code and sent to the recipient’s VAN. Only the intended VAN can “read” the encrypted code after it’s received.

Authorization Verification: If a company isn’t registered on your EDI VAN, the authorization process won’t allow that company to send you data. The authentication process requires a company to send its digital certificate, confirming its identity.

Digital Signatures: Using an EDI VAN proves the validity of your transactions, so your partners are unable to deny a transaction’s validity, also known as non-repudiation.

Username and Password Protection: Most EDI VANs will require you to have a valid, registered email address and password to access the account.

Data Integrity: Both the sending and the receiving trading partner have a sophisticated algorithm that must match to establish data integrity.

Why Use an EDI VAN for Security?

If your company needs a secure and convenient solution for sending and accepting data with its trading partners, an EDI VAN is a great solution. The great news is that EDI VANs provide a high level of security by nature and you’ll never have to pay to make the service more secure.

Keeping your data transactions more safe using an EDI VAN is also an extremely cost-effective option, especially if you use a service provider like BOLD VAN that operates in the cloud. Not only does a cloud-based VAN option save you time and money compared to EDI hardware and software, but it’s flexible, portable, and convenient.

Why Bold Van?

BOLD VAN provides all the security benefits you need to feel comfortable during all of your transactions with your vendors. Not only is our solution fully secure, but it’s also extremely cost-effective. Whether you’re working with just a few vendors or hundreds, BOLD VAN’s solution is scalable and secure.

Start your three-month trial today to see how BOLD VAN not only keeps your data and transactions secure but streamlines your processes and save you time and money.

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