Infor VISUAL Software Users Can Now Add API

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By Molly Goad

If your business uses Infor VISUAL enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, I have some terrific news to share: BOLD VAN now offers API connectivity. 

Why is this so cool?

First, take a look back at my article covering the benefits of API integration. (Here are Cliff’s Notes: API means faster order routing, no more human keying errors, seamless data transmission, and higher security.) Infor VISUAL users will enjoy all of these advantages once connected to the API.

Bypass Visual EDI Bridge

Next, as an Infor VISUAL user, you probably know the visual EDI bridge/gateway (VMDI) is a part of the order-routing process between trading partners. With an API, the VMDI is bypassed, giving the green light to order transactions the moment they are received and the red light to order duplications and keying errors. There’s absolutely no lag time, and EDI compliance remains firm.

API Irons Out the Kinks

Infor VISUAL is a meaty application, providing manufacturers with total insight into its products’ journey. (Not familiar with Infor Visual? Learn all about it here.)

Its tools are used for planning, sourcing, order creation, delivery, and so much more. In addition to eliminating the VMDI, an API smooths out other nuances; you will spend less time on managing orders and more time on marketing, social media campaigns, attracting new business, or wherever your attention is needed.

Our EDI Shipping Module is Infor-compatible

Also, we offer an EDI-compliant shipping module called DES that can be integrated with Infor. DES stands for distribution enablement system — a low-cost, versatile application that will change the way your product is shipped. 

DES allows you to manage the entire pick-and-ship process from one place for many types of shipments. DES’s compatibility with all major retailers and carriers means gone are the days of logging into multiple carrier and customer sites. You will happily manage the entire operation from one single portal. 

DES takes charge of: EDI requirements, creating UCC labels, automating the entire shipping process (including ship notices), dock planning for both deliveries and shipments, and finding inefficiencies in your warehouse.

For more information about the benefits of DES, head over to BOLD VAN’s Distribution Enablement System is a Game-Changer, and Let DES Handle All Your Shipping Needs.

Let’s Do This API Thing

If you’ve been thinking about adding an API to strengthen Infor Visual’s already robust offerings, now is the time. You don’t need to hire developers to create an API or take resources away from your already busy staff to manage the integration. BOLD VAN handles all of the details for you. 

To learn more, call 844-265-3777 or email

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