Is a Cloud-Based EDI Solution Right For Your Business?

EDI CloudEDI and the Cloud – a Match Made in Heaven

Cloud technology has improved business by eliminating a bulk of hardware once needed, while also making data access and team collaboration more convenient. EDI value-added networks (VANs) have had a similar impact on how businesses exchange routine documents throughout their supply chain.

Many companies take advantage of the benefits the cloud offers their EDI service through an EDI VAN. A VAN absorbs the substantial infrastructure cost associated with the ability to store massive amounts of data. Businesses get the benefits without the upfront investment in hardware, software, and consulting typical in creating a cloud environment. Moreover, a VAN creates a 24/7 communication channel between you and your business partners that’s mostly automated by the various software platforms you deploy.

As you might expect, it was only a matter of time before the cloud and EDI were combined into one solution.

Benefits of the CloudThe Benefits of Moving to the Cloud

By creating a central data storage location that’s accessible from any device with an internet connection, the cloud makes your business more efficient.

Key Benefits of the Cloud Include:

  • Work from anywhere – Cloud technology allows you to work from anywhere with an internet connection. This means you can collaborate on projects while traveling, access important documents outside of the office, and even work from home.
  • Disaster recovery – Businesses rely on data more than ever before. Although it may seem unlikely, a catastrophic event or even a simple system failure can destroy your physical hardware, resulting in a loss of data stored on that hardware. However, data stored in the cloud is regularly backed-up and disaster-proof.
  • Flexible costs – With traditional IT systems, you have to invest large chunks of money upfront to get a system that will allow last a while, meaning you end up paying more than you need. Most cloud services allow you to pay for what you use now and increase the capacity when you need it.

Cloud technology is essential in running a lean, efficient business in the modern world.

EDI and Cloud TogetherHow EDI and the Cloud Work Together

EDI and cloud computing are a perfect match – many of the benefits from each technology overlap and complement each other very well.

Added Convenience

For example, a cloud-based EDI solution provides the convenience of working anytime from anywhere. EDI helps accelerate your order-to-cash cycle by automating supply chain processes around the clock. However, many companies work with international manufacturers operating in different time zones.

If you were to get an EDI message while outside of the office from your manufacturing partner about a change to a purchase order (or another document), you would be able to access that document immediately from any device.

Lean Operations

Another mutual benefit of combining EDI and the cloud is the lack of hardware investment and upgrades. As the volume of EDI data you exchange each month increases, so does your demand for data storage. A cloud-based EDI solution eliminates your need for an extensive physical IT infrastructure and transfers that liability to your EDI provider.

Better Security

Cloud solutions faced a lot of scrutiny about security when they hit the market. As such, they lead innovation in digital security to keep their clients’ valuable data protected.

Similarly, EDI is held to the highest security standards because healthcare companies and government agencies rely on EDI for safely exchanging sensitive documents.

EDI Documents Are Protected By:
  • Encryption
  • User authentication
  • Digital signatures
  • Password protection
EDI Cloud Protection

Together, the cloud and EDI keep your data safe in transit and in storage.

Moving to a Cloud-Based EDI Solution

Whether you have never used EDI or you’re looking to upgrade from a traditional on-premise EDI solution, you’ll find that making the transition to a cloud-based EDI solution is incredibly easy. Like most SaaS (software as a service) solutions, there’s no hardware to configure or software to install. You just create your account and get started.

For current EDI users, your ID will migrate to the new system, as well as your current trading partners. Migration typically takes a few days or less, and there won’t be any interruptions to your EDI communications. You’ll be able to conduct business as usual, and your trading partners won’t be notified in any way.

If you are using BOLD CLOUD from BOLD VAN, you’ll immediately have access to the BOLD Manager from any device with an internet connection. From there, you’ll have real-time visibility of your EDI transactions and full accessibility to your EDI documents.

Make the switch today and start enjoying the convenience of the cloud!

Learn more about BOLD VAN’s cloud-based EDI solution – BOLD Cloud.

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