BOLD Parcel Audit Platform: Rake In All The Shipping Carrier Refunds

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You’ll never miss a shipping carrier credit or refund with BOLD Parcel: We do the work; you collect the savings.

By Molly Goad

Imagine you ordered something inexpensive online. It arrives, and it’s not exactly what you need. But you’re incredibly busy, and packaging a return for a $5 item seems more trouble than it’s worth. So you cast it aside. 

Along the same line, companies often miss out on shipping refunds because it’s a tedious process to request them, and the amounts are small. Or, perhaps some shippers don’t even realize they are entitled to these dollars from their chosen carriers. 

What are these credits I’m speaking of? Packages shipped via carriers like UPS, FedEx, or DHL Express receive a service guarantee, stating the parcel will get to its destination by the stated time. If this doesn’t happen, the shipper is entitled to a refund credit. Even if the package is just two minutes late, a refund can be claimed on both residential and commercial deliveries. 

It would be amazing if carriers just dished out the refunds automatically, but yeah, it doesn’t work that way. Shippers need to go through a mundane routine of asking for the credit, and they often say, “forget it” because they don’t have the time or resources devoted to this task. 

The amounts may seem small, but they are substantial when added together.

Never Fear, BOLD Parcel is Here

If you’re in this camp, we are here to assist. BOLD Parcel is an automated auditing platform that secures refund credits from UPS, FedEx, and DHL Express. After discovering your shipping refunds, BOLD Parcel securely ensures the refund credits return to your carrier accounts. This is on us; no one on your team has to lift a finger, and there’s no change required in your existing process.

Raise Your Hand If You Enjoy Reading Lengthy Contracts

Anyone? Yep, I didn’t think so. I, for one, see a document with words in small print and immediately fall asleep. It’s a problem. Solution: Engage BOLD Parcel to do this for you. Our Carrier Agreement Optimization Team has reviewed thousands of carrier contracts. Every single line item is dissected to assess key areas to make agreement adjustments. 

Our extensive experience and knowledge in this area mean we are well-equipped to review your historical shipping data, analyze current costs, compare them to industry averages, and validate key performance indicators. Your entire supply chain process is optimized. This is what we do. 

Show Me the Numbers

We won’t miss a beat — 100% of the refunds and savings available within your shipping account are secured. Customers who work with BOLD Parcel see 20-25% in measured improvement over existing operations within the first 4-6 weeks of engagement and insulate future operations from additional surcharges and increases in rates by more than 50%. 

Learn More

In The 9 Shipping Refunds a Parcel Audit Can Secure, I take a look at BOLD Parcel’s audit-processing system. For more information, head to; call 844-265-3777; or email

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