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Enhance QuickBooks’ EDI Functionality with BOLD VAN

Posted Friday, February 12, 2021 in EDI VAN

BOLD VAN integrates with QuickBooks‘ EDI  component, opening up more possibilities for your business.

QuickBooks has been serving small- and medium-sized businesses since 1983. The robust accounting software solution handles payroll, invoicing, bill pay, and project management.

But there’s more functionality to be had. If you’re a QuickBooks or QuickBooks Online Edition user, let me show you how you can give it a boost with BOLD VAN’s EDI (electronic data interchange) services.

How is This Different From QuickBooks’ EDI Offerings?

QuickBooks’ EDI services are basic and require human involvement. If your business is growing and you have more than one trading partner, you’ll have to manage a complicated slew of protocols on your own because companies have different EDI requirements and codes. This necessitates an employee to manage, as well. In order to become genuinely seamless, QuickBooks users need an EDI system to avoid order entry errors and manage each unique trading partner.

To demonstrate, think of QuickBooks as your Smartphone. Now, picture a task you perform routinely on your phone, such as ordering food from an application like GrubHub. While you could place the order through the web browser on your phone, the application uncomplicates the process. (I’m guessing I’m not the only one out there who has been frustrated by completing a transaction from a phone’s Web browser.)

BOLD VAN is similar to the app: It bridges the gap and takes QuickBooks to the next level.

How BOLD VAN and QuickBooks Work Together

First, BOLD VAN receives orders and formats the data into the appropriate EDI language for the specific trading partner. Next, BOLD VAN pushes order information into QuickBooks. This is automatic — no human involvement here. Once the orders are shipped, BOLD VAN pulls the invoices and tracking numbers from QuickBooks and sends them to the trading partner.

You’re able to manage inventory and order fulfillment and keep all of your QuickBooks accounting up-to-date with little human involvement — I can’t stress that point enough — by integrating with BOLD VAN.

QuickBooks and EDI, Unite! 

The unification of QuickBooks and BOLD VAN will bring automation to your operations and peace of mind. The days of manually re-entering data into QuickBooks will be long gone. Keying errors, no more.

Not sure if this is right for you? We offer a three-month trial. Contact us to learn more: call 844-265-3777 or email info@boldvan.com.

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