Web-Based EDI – It’s Time to Get Into the Cloud

Affordable Web-Based EDI Provides Compliance and Convenience

EDI Cloud

If you’re looking to migrate from an antiquated EDI solution to a web-based EDI solution, you’re certainly not alone. Many organizations have already migrated their EDI operations into the cloud. Installing software and backing up files are no longer scalable for most organizations, so if you haven’t migrated your EDI to the web, now is the time.

What is Web-Based EDI?

Gone are the days of needing an entire IT staff to manage your on-site EDI system. With cloud-based technology, you can easily outsource the day-to-day maintenance tasks of managing your EDI.

Web-based EDI moves all of your EDI system updates, data backups, storage, and databases into the cloud, allowing easy access and real-time updates to your system and allowing businesses to remain compliant and achieve significant savings.

More than Just Cutting Costs

While saving money is important, switching to a web-based EDI solution provides more value than just cost savings. Your customer’s needs are always changing and keeping up with supply and demand while remaining compliant is critical…and challenging.

Not only are you dealing with a worldwide marketplace, but your customers are increasingly expecting faster shipping times and more efficient service. Without a web-based EDI solution, keeping up with all of the changes is nearly impossible. Automation and technology are needed to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Accessibility for Everyone

Not only will your web-based EDI solution provider take the burden off of your organization’s IT team when it comes to operational efficiency, but your provider will also be available for tech support anytime and anywhere. At BOLD VAN, we provide this service at no extra cost.

When it comes to your customers, maintaining efficiency in your processes is critical, but customers today also expect a relational connection. Web-based EDI allows for efficient and improved communication and enhances supply and demand chains.

Scale Better, Scale Sooner

By increasing efficiency with a cloud-based solution, organizations can make their processes more efficient and make scaling their business a smoother process. Saving money on investment costs will both save money and improve operations.

Smaller businesses who switch to a web-based EDI solution can start scaling their businesses sooner by outsourcing operations and receiving ongoing support.

Getting Started with Web-Based EDI

Not all web-based EDI providers are created equal, and you need to make sure that the provider you choose is meeting all of your needs at a price that works for you.

We pride ourselves in having a comprehensive solution that’s:


All of our data is stored in the cloud, available for 90 days and accessible on any device.


BOLD VAN boasts a 99.998% uptime from the cloud. You should never have to sacrifice speed when moving your operations to the cloud.


No hidden fees, scalable pricing, and value that’s unparalleled.


BOLD VAN’s solution is fully hosted and flexible, meaning we will translate data into your preferred format.

Now is the time to migrate to a web-based EDI solution provider. Let us do the work for you so you can get back to growing your business.

Learn more about what BOLD VAN can do for you.

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