Why BOLD VAN is the fastest growing EDI VAN in the industry

Why BOLD VAN is the fastest growing EDI VAN in the industry

Clients Appreciate the Experience, Innovation, and Personalized Service from BOLD VAN

When comparing the top EDI providers, there are a number of things to look out for other than the actual EDI service. The best EDI service providers all provide quality EDI service because clients don’t stick around very long when their B2B communication channels aren’t reliable.

As one of the leading EDI providers in the world, we pride ourselves on putting our clients’ needs first. Although we are constantly upgrading our EDI service with the latest advances in technology as soon as they’re released, the things our clients rave about the most are the things they can’t get from the other top EDI providers.

Few EDI Providers Have 25+ Years of EDI Experience

When it comes to sophisticated technologies like EDI, experience is essential. There’s a reason more companies are outsourcing their EDI instead of building an in-house EDI team – finding individuals with EDI experience is difficult, and the people who do have that experience require high salaries for their expertise.

For nearly three decades, our team of EDI experts has worked with businesses around the world in virtually every industry. We have watched all of the various trends in regulations, development of new EDI standards, and implementation modern EDI applications first-hand.

Looking around at some of the most popular EDI providers, many of them are relatively newer and simply don’t have the years of experience that savvy businesses prefer.

Whether you have a trading partner with extremely specific EDI requirements or your industry is prone to rapid regulation changes, we can help your business as we have helped thousands of others. When you outsource your EDI to BOLD VAN, you can trust that no EDI-related problem will arise that we won’t handle.
Enterprises and Small Businesses

They Don’t Have a Great Track Record with Small Businesses and Enterprises

Some EDI providers specialize in working with small businesses, and others focus exclusively on enterprises. BOLD VAN specializes in EDI for businesses of all sizes. Ideally, we like to see small businesses implement EDI and scale their operations into large businesses.

This is important because businesses of different sizes have different needs. For example, small businesses need an affordable EDI solution that allows them to do businesses with more vendors without eating up their budget. On the other hand, enterprises need to optimize their supply chains and require EDI tools that improve collaboration in their organization.

As a result of our unique pricing model and cloud-based EDI solution, we’re able to serve all businesses effectively. Plus, our experience with all business sizes allows us to answer questions and provide specific advice for getting the most value out of EDI, no matter what stage your business is at.

BOLD VAN is the Most Innovative EDI Service Provider

We’ve pioneered the EDI industry with several firsts:

  • tppWe’re the first to offer Trading Partner Pricing
  • dataWe’re the first to mass-market unlimited data
  • solutionWe’re the first to provide a free on-site AS2 solution

The other top EDI providers charge a rate per kilocharacter, meaning you pay for every single little piece of data you exchange. Imagine how quickly that adds up.

Trading Partner Pricing from BOLD VAN charges a flat rate based on the number of active trading partners in your EDI network that month with unlimited EDI data included. This approach is more cost-effective because even small companies use a lot of EDI data, but companies tend to add more trading partners as their business grows and they can afford to spend more on EDI.

As the leading innovator in EDI, we will continue to find ways to deliver the best EDI solutions for our clients.

Most EDI Providers Aren’t as Hands-On with Clients

Some of the top EDI providers are very helpful when you’re shopping for EDI service, but once you sign up, it’s a lot more difficult to get any assistance. BOLD VAN is hands-on with clients from the very beginning.

We handle the entire EDI implementation process for you, ensuring you are fully EDI capable without any issues. We also manage the onboarding of existing and new EDI trading partners on your behalf.

Do you need to meet the EDI requirements of a new trading partner such as Amazon, Costco, or a local retailer? We will help.

Have questions or need advice about ANYTHING concerning EDI? Give us a call or send an email, and we’ll be happy to help.

First-class customer service comes standard with BOLD VAN’s EDI service. Our goal is to help your business succeed with EDI.

See how easy it is to get started with BOLD VAN today!

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