6 Myths About Switching EDI VANs

Switching EDI VANs could save you time and money

Switching EDI VANs Could Save You Time and Money

Too many companies are sticking with EDI value-added networks (VANs) that are costing them time, money, and man-hours. The world of EDI has drastically changed in recent years, but some companies are still doing business with EDI VAN providers who either don’t offer much-needed services or charge a premium for them.

Because of the changing face of EDI, there are a lot of myths out there about switching EDI VAN’s. We’d like to clear the air and debunk the five major myths about switching EDI VANs.

6 Myths About EDI VANs That Are Holding You Back

Myth #1: There will be a substantial cost involved

EDI has been the go-to technology for data exchange for B2B transactions across industries, and it’s been around for a long time. Since the establishment of major EDI standards in the 1980’s, many businesses have adopted EDI to stay competitive.

Because of the demand for EDI, the price has continued to climb since the 80’s. It’s easy to see why companies who are probably paying too much for EDI in the first place are afraid to switch EDI VAN providers due to cost.

Today, EDI VAN’s don’t cost nearly as much to maintain as they did in the 80’s and your EDI VAN provider’s pricing should reflect that. Companies like BOLD VAN offer Trading Partner Pricing that eliminates hidden fees and allows companies to cost-effectively scale their business.

See our transparent pricing.

Myth #2: I’ll lose functionality in the cloud

EDI is complex, there’s no getting around that, and there’s a myth that complex technology can’t exist in the cloud and still be effective. BOLD VAN is living proof that not only will you get full functionality from cloud-based EDI, you also have the added benefit of mobile access and better security.

Additionally, there’s no complex software to install with a cloud-based EDI VAN solution, and you’ll get up and running quickly. If you have access to the internet, you have access to full EDI VAN functionality.

Myth #3: Migration is painful

If you’re familiar with traditional EDI that requires hardware and a full IT team to operate, then the idea of migrating to another system probably has you scared. However, with a cloud-based solution, not only is migration quick (you’ll be fully up and running in a few days), it’s fully handled by BOLD VAN’s team.

You won’t have to worry about service interruption, there will be zero interruption to service, and the process is completely transparent. Gone are the days of clunky, long migration processes.

Myth #4: My data won’t be as accessible

Often, companies that are looking to switch VANs have become accustomed to their own ways of accessing data whether that’s a manual process, or a system they’re familiar with. Loss of accessibility is a huge myth surrounding switching EDI VAN’s as data will become even more accessible in the cloud.

If you’ve got internet access, you can get to your data anytime, anywhere. But just because your data is easy for you to get to, that doesn’t mean it’s easy for intruders to get to, which leads us to the next myth…

Myth #5: My data won’t be secure

At BOLD VAN, EDI security is our their highest priority. EDI is held to extremely high-security standards because often, companies with a need for extremely secure networks exchange sensitive documents via cloud-based EDI.

When you switch EDI VAN’s, specifically into the cloud, your documents are encrypted, user authentication and digital signatures are required, as well as password protection. Your data is safe both during storage and transit.

Don’t believe the myths about switching EDI VAN’s. If you’re ready to make the painless move to better EDI, learn more about BOLD VAN’s cloud-based solution today.

Myth #6: Companies aren’t switching EDI VANs

This myth is simply not true. Large companies like Target and small companies alike are migrating to new EDI VANs to gain functionality and save money. Because of the technology advancements and cloud capabilities that many EDI VANs now offer, it makes sense for organizations to take advantage of these enhanced features.

Like we mentioned earlier, migration is no longer a painful process. Many companies now realize that making a move is both simple and beneficial. It’s time to migrate to a VAN with better functionality at a better price.

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